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Series Temperature Controller Instruction Sheet
Thank you very much for choosing Delta DTD series temperature controller. Please read this instruction sheet before using your DTD to ensure proper
operation. Keep this instruction sheet handy for quick reference.
DANGER! CAUTION! ELECTRIC SHOCK! When the power is on, DO NOT touch the AC terminals in case an electric shock may occur. Make sure
the power is disconnected when you check the input power.
DTD is an OPEN-TYPE device. If it will cause serious injury to workers or damage on other equipments when used in a dangerous environment,
please make sure it is installed in an automatic safety protection device.
1. Always use recommended solder-less terminals: Fork terminal with isolation (M3 screw, Max. width 7.2mm). Please be sure to tighten
them properly and make sure the wire is connected to the correct terminal.
2. Prevent dust or metallic debris from falling into the device and cause malfunctions. DO NOT
modify or uninstall DTD series without
being permitted. DO NOT
use empty terminals.
3. Keep away from high-voltage and high-frequency environment during installation in case of interference. Prevent using the device in
premises which contain:
(a) dust or corrosive gas; (b) high humidity and high radiation; (c) shock and vibration
4. The power has to be switched off when wiring or changing temperature sensor.
5. Make sure to use compensation wire which matches the thermocouple when extending or connecting the thermocouple wire.
6. Use wires with resistance when extending or connecting the platinum resistance sensor.
7. Keep the wire as short as possible when wiring a sensor to the temperature controller. Separate the power cable and load wire in
order to prevent interference and induced noise.
8. DTD is an open-type device. Make sure to install it in an enclosure which prevents dust and humidity in case of an electric shock.
9. Make sure the power cables and signal device are installed correctly before switching on the power; otherwise serious damage may
10. DO NOT
touch the terminals or repair the device when the power is on; otherwise an electric shock may occur
11. Please wait for one minute after the power is switched off to allow the capacitor to discharge and DO NOT
touch the internal wiring
within this period. Use dry cloth to clean the device. DO NOT
use acid or alkaline liquid to clean the device.
Display, LED & Pushbuttons
Present value/function display
(red 7-segment LED)
Set value
(green 7-segment LED)
Flashes when PID auto-tuning
(green LED)
OUT On when output (green LED)
ALM On when alarm (red LED)
Selecting modes
completing setup
Displaying functions
Left-shifting the digit
Ordering Information
Series name DTD: Delta D series temperature controller
Up key
2 3 4
Panel size
(W × H)
4848: 1/16 DIN W48 × H48 mm
4896: 1/8 DIN W48 × H96 mm
7272: W72 × H72 mm
R: Relay output SPST (250VAC, 5A)
V: Voltage pulse output 14V +10% ~ -20%
(Max. 40mA)
Optional 0: None
Power input AC100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Input power range 85% ~ 110%, rated voltage
Power consumption 6VA Max.
Display 7-segment LED; PV in red, SV in green
Input temperature
Thermocouple: K, J, T, E, N, R, S, B, U, L, Txk Platinum resistance: Pt100, JPt100
Copper resistance: Cu50
Analog input Current: 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA Voltage: 0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V, 0 ~ 70mV
Display scale
For temperature input: K2, J2, T2, Pt100-2, JPt100 and Cu50 can display to 0.1 degree; others display in
1degree as a unit.
Control method PID, PID programmable control, On/Off, manual output
Relay output: AC 250V, 5A, SPST
Control output type
Voltage pulse output: DC 14V, Max. output current 40mA
Sampling cycle 0.4 second (including analog input signal and sensor input signal)
Vibration resistance 10 ~ 55Hz 10m/s
3 axes 10mins
Shock resistance Max. 300m/ s
3 axes 6 directions, 3 times each
Ambient temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Specifications

Http:// Series Temperature Controller Instruction Sheet Thank you very much for choosing Delta DTD series temp

Page 2 - Input Settings!

Storage temperature -20°C ~ +65°C Operation altitude Less than 2,000m Ambient humidity 35% ~ 85% RH (non-condensing) Panel protection level IP65

Page 3 - Control Settings!

Input Sensor Type Display Temperature Range 0V ~ 5V input -999 ~ 9,999 0 ~ 70mV input -999 ~ 9,999 Cu50 type -50 oC ~ 150 oC (-90.0 oF ~ 302.0 o

Page 4 -

Parameters P, I and D can be set up manually or auto-tuned by DTD. Follow the steps below for the auto-tuning. Press in the operation mode and PV w

Page 5 - Alarm Settings!

 Alarm Settings! Setting up Alarm Mode!DTD offers 9 alarm modes and 4 alarm options. Press for more than 3 seconds and PV will display the parame

Page 6 - Panel Cutout!

 Error Display!Error Status Initializing No Input Sensor Connected Input Signal Error Exceeding Upper Limit Exceeding Lower Limit Exceeding Setup Ra

Page 7 - How to Set Up Current Input!

7 Terminals!DTD4848R0 DTD4848V0 DTD4896R0 DTD4896V0 DTD7272R0 DTD7272V0  How to Set Up Current Input!Please connect a 249 resistor between

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