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Moisture Analyzer
Instruction Manual
Firmware Version 3.1.5
4 Constitution Way, Woburn, MA 01801-1087
Telephone: (781) 935-4600 FAX: (781) 938-0531
P/N 99000041
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Moisture Analyzer

NanoTrace Moisture AnalyzerDF-745EnterNextMenuESCInstruction ManualFirmware Version 3.1.5DELTA F CORPORATION4 Constitution Way, Woburn, MA 01801-1087

Page 3 - Read Me First…

Cautions DF-745 72 CautionsThere are a number of warnings and cautions that must

Page 4 - Thank You

8 DF-745 CautionsCAUTIONDo not setup or operate this analyzer without a comp

Page 5 - 1 Table of Contents

Specifications DF-745 93 Specifications3.1 MoistureLowest Detection Level (LDL):

Page 6

10 DF-745 SpecificationsAudible/Visual Alarm Status Indicators: Four Moistur

Page 7 - 1.1 Table of Figures

Specifications DF-745 119.45 [239.90]EnterNextMenuESC55 RLY4-COMRLY2-COMRLY1-COM

Page 9 - Table of Tables

Installation, Start Up and Shut Down DF-745 134 Installation, Start Up and Shut DownInstallation of the analyzer re

Page 10

14 DF-745 Installation, Start Up and Shut Down4.1 Analyzer Installation 4.1.

Page 11 - 2 Cautions

Installation, Start Up and Shut Down DF-745 15Be sure to use a backup wrench when making all connections to the asp

Page 12

Copyright 2004 - 2010 by Delta F CorporationNo part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, or

Page 13 - 3 Specifications

16 DF-745 Installation, Start Up and Shut DownSee page 25 for information on

Page 14

Installation, Start Up and Shut Down DF-745 174.1.4 Electrical ConnectionsOpen the door and locate the power switch

Page 15 - Figure 1: Overall View

18 DF-745 Installation, Start Up and Shut DownRLY4-NCRLY4-NOGNDRLY3-NORLY3-C

Page 16

Installation, Start Up and Shut Down DF-745 194.2 Analyzer Start UpIt is important to note that, if equipped with au


20 DF-745 Installation, Start Up and Shut DownThe moisture cell outlet will

Page 18 - 4.1 Analyzer Installation

Installation, Start Up and Shut Down DF-745 21e. Use the regulator to adjust the flow through the cell to 1 slpm (2

Page 19 - 4.1.3 Sample Gas Connections

22 DF-745 Installation, Start Up and Shut Downvalve closes as well. Througho



Page 22 - NOT USED

Options DF-745 255 OptionsThe following options to the DF-745 are available at the time of order.5.1 Key LockAn opti

Page 23 - 4.2 Analyzer Start Up

Read Me First…Unpacking Procedure Follow the procedure below to unpack your NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer1. Examine the condition of the packaging and i

Page 24

26 DF-745 Optionsbreaker switch. The pump connection should be made directly

Page 25 - 4.3 Analyzer Shut Down

Options DF-745 27Ø.28 [Ø7.14]4 PLMOUNTING FORBOTTOM OF BRACKET5.17 [131.32]4.92 [124.97]Ø.28[Ø7.14]4 PLMOUNTING FORR

Page 26

28 DF-745 Options5.6.2 Moisture Sample Gas Outlet Connection to Vacuum PumpT

Page 27


Page 29 - 5 Options

Connecting to External Devices DF-745 316 Connecting to External DevicesThe analyzer can be interfaced to a var

Page 30

32 DF-745 Connecting to External DevicesA program to facilitate serial commu

Page 31

Connecting to External Devices DF-745 33The 4-20 mA analog output correlating to the front panel display readin

Page 33

User Interface DF-745 357 User Interface7.1 Data Display ScreenThe front panel dis

Page 34

Unlike much UHP analytical equipment, NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer does not require constant maintenance. However the maintenance intervals for zero an

Page 35

36 DF-745 User InterfaceEnterNextMenuESCFigure 19: KeypadThe ‘Menu’ key acti

Page 36 - 6.3 4-20 mA Outputs – J4

User Interface DF-745 37The Main Menu is accessed by pressing the Menu key on the

Page 37 - 6.4 Relay Ports – J8, J9

38 DF-745 User InterfaceFigure 23: Isolate WarningWhile the moisture cell is

Page 38

User Interface DF-745 39Figure 25: Calibrate Menu7.4.3.1 Check/Adjust ZeroFigure 2

Page 39 - 7 User Interface

40 DF-745 User InterfaceA relay is available on the Analog Output Setup Scre

Page 40 - 7.4 Main Menu

User Interface DF-745 41back and change the value or move to the Done button, foll

Page 41

42 DF-745 User Interface7.4.4 Data History RoutineFigure 30: Data History Me

Page 42 - 7.4.3 Calibrate Menu

User Interface DF-745 43Figure 31: Data History Screen Figure 32: Install MediaFi

Page 43 - 57 for additional

44 DF-745 User Interface7.4.5 Data Downloader RoutineFigure 34: Data Downloa

Page 44 - Figure 28: User Zero Offset

User Interface DF-745 457.4.5.2 View LocationFigure 36: View Location ScreenThe vi

Page 45

Table of Contents DF-745 11 Table of Contents1 Table of Contents ...

Page 46 - 7.4.4 Data History Routine

46 DF-745 User InterfaceUse the arrow keys ( and  to navigate the keyboard

Page 47 - Figure 32: Install Media

User Interface DF-745 47the event of an Automatic Zero, if it were scheduled. The

Page 48 - 7.4.5 Data Downloader Routine

48 DF-745 User InterfaceContact Delta F for assistance in interpreting the v

Page 49

User Interface DF-745 49Figure 44: Pump Capacity Test Log7.4.7 Analyzer SetupThe a

Page 50 - 7.4.6 View Logs Menu

50 DF-745 User InterfaceUse the Next key to move from between fields and use

Page 51

User Interface DF-745 51In addition, if hydrogen is entered as a gas in the GSF Se

Page 52

52 DF-745 User InterfaceAn alarm warning will overwrite the moisture level r

Page 53 - 7.4.7 Analyzer Setup

User Interface DF-745 537.4.7.5 Temperature Range Alarm SetupFigure 51: Temperatur

Page 54

54 DF-745 User Interfaceto trip if the pressure exceeds preset limits. The u

Page 55

User Interface DF-745 557.4.8 Analog Output SetupFigure 54: Analog Output Setup Me

Page 56

2 DF-745 Table of Contents7.4.3 Calibrate Menu...

Page 57

56 DF-745 User InterfaceThe In Calibration Relay can be enabled to signal th

Page 58

User Interface DF-745 577.4.10.1 Active Zero On/OffFigure 58: Active Zero On/Off M

Page 59 - 7.4.8 Analog Output Setup

58 DF-745 User InterfaceIf the Active Zero Offset feature is turned off, the

Page 60 - 7.4.10 Diagnostics Menu

User Interface DF-745 597.4.10.3 Test Analog Voltage OutputFigure 61: Test Analog

Page 61

60 DF-745 User Interface7.4.10.4 Signal MonitorFigure 63: Signal Monitor Men

Page 62

User Interface DF-745 61Figure 65: Pump Capacity Test MenuAfter the pump test is c

Page 63

62 DF-745 User InterfaceFigure 68: Pump Capacity Test Log7.4.11 Adjust Contr

Page 64

User Interface DF-745 637.4.12 Power Up Default – OptionalFigure 71: Power Up Defa

Page 65

64 DF-745 User Interface7.4.13 Date/TimeFigure 73: Date/Time Menu The Date/T

Page 66 - 7.4.11 Adjust Contrast

User Interface DF-745 657.4.14 CommunicationsThe Communications screen is used to

Page 67

Table of Contents DF-745 31.1 Table of FiguresFigure 1: Overall View...

Page 68 - 7.4.13 Date/Time

66 DF-745 User InterfaceHit Enter and the download process will begin and a

Page 69 - 7.4.15 Download System Data

User Interface DF-745 67Figure 80: Download Time LineThe file name is automaticall

Page 70

68 DF-745 User InterfaceFigure 82: System Info Screen7.4.16.1 Firmware Upgra

Page 71 - 7.4.16 System Info

Sample Gas Preparation and Delivery DF-745 698 Sample Gas Preparation and Delivery8.1 IntroductionIt is important to n

Page 72

70 DF-745 Sample Gas Preparation and Deliverysuch as Helium and Hydrogen who

Page 73 - Delivery

Service DF-745 719 Service9.1 Return Material Authorization numberIf an

Page 74 - 8.5 Flammable Sample Gas

72 Service6. Install valve plate, head gasket and head7. Install head bolts and torque to 80 in-lbs.

Page 75 - 9 Service

Service DF-745 739.3 Replaceable Parts ListWhen ordering parts, please be cer

Page 77 - 9.3 Replaceable Parts List

Service DF-745 759.4 Troubleshooting the DF–745 NanoTrace AnalyzerThe DF-700

Page 78

4 DF-745 Table of ContentsFigure 49: Alarm Setup Menu...

Page 80

Theory of Operation DF-745 7710 Theory of Operation10.1The Moisture Measurement10.1.1 Moisture a

Page 82 - Operation

Safety DF-745 7911 Safety11.1General WarningsDANGERPotentially hazard

Page 84

Warranty DF-745 8112 WarrantyDelta F Corporation warrants each instrume

Page 86

Index DF-745 8313 Index44-20mA Outputs, 32AActive Zero On/Off, 57Add Lo

Page 87 - 13 Index

84 IndexOOperating Voltage, 25Options, 25PPower Up Default, 63, 64Pressure Alarm Setup, 53Pump Capacity Test, 60Pump Capacity Test Log, 48Pump case pu

Page 88

Appendix A – User Menu Screens DF-745 8514 Appendix A – User Menu Screens Page 37

Page 89

Table of Contents DF-745 5Table of TablesTable 1: Recommended Sample Outlet Vacuum Pressure

Page 90

86 Appendix A – User Menu Screens Page 49 Page 51 Page 55 Page 56 Page 57 Page 58Page 59 Page 60

Page 91

Appendix A – User Menu Screens DF-745 87 Page 60 Page 62

Page 92

88 Appendix A – User Menu Screens

Page 93 - Safety System

Appendix B – Hydrogen Service Safety System DF-745 8915 Appendix B – Hydrogen Service Safety SystemThe Hydrogen Service Safety System

Page 94 - 15.4 Operation

90 Appendix B – Hydrogen Service Safety System The pump enclosure must be mounted to a nearby wall or inside the rack shared by the analyzer. See Fig

Page 95

Appendix B – Hydrogen Service Safety System DF-745 91adequate pump cooling. The purge flow rate is set to 30 scfh as indicated on a ro

Page 96

92 Appendix B – Hydrogen Service Safety SystemCAUTIONThe operator is obligated to assure proper operation of the analyzer air flow system as designed.

Page 97


Page 98 - Figure 86: Pump Purge Option


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