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Summary of Contents

Page 1

1 2U Series Standalone DVR User’s Manual

Page 2 - Table of Contents

101 FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS 1.1 Overview This series product is an

Page 3

100 Figure 6-11

Page 4

1017 WEB CLIENT OPERATION There might be slightly difference in the int

Page 5

102 Figure 7-2 After installation, the interface is shown as below. See X

Page 6

103z Section 1: there are five function buttons: configuration (chapter

Page 7

1047.2.1 Real-time Monitor In section 2, left click the channel name you

Page 8

105 Figure 7-9 Open All You can click it to open all channels. Refresh Y

Page 9

106 Figure 7-10 7.2.2 PTZ Before PTZ operation, please make sure you ha

Page 10 - 1.2 Features

107Click 3D intelligent positioning key, system goes back to the single s

Page 11 - 1.3 Specifications

108You can select the assistant item from the dropdown list. See X443H443

Page 12

109 Figure 7-15 Click picture path button, you can see an interface is sh

Page 13

11z Network operation Support network remote real-time monitor, remote

Page 14

110 Figure 7-19 HDD information Here you can view local storag

Page 15

111 Figure 7-21 Click backup button, the interface is shown as in X452H4

Page 16

112 Figure 7-23 Figure 7-24 Figure 7-25 Please refer to the followi

Page 17

113Data Format Here you can select data format from the dropdown list. D

Page 18

114 Figure 7-27 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informa

Page 19

115Parameter Function Frame Rate PAL:1~25f/s;NTSC:1~30f/s For 4HDDs s

Page 20

116If you have completed the setup for channel 1, you can click 3 to copy

Page 21

117 Figure 7-30 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informa

Page 22

118 Figure 7-31 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informa

Page 23

119 Figure 7-32 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informa

Page 24

12Video Output 1-ch PAL/NTSC, BNC (1.0VP- P, 75Ω) composite video signal

Page 25

120 Figure 7-33 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informa

Page 26 - 2 Overview and Controls

121 Figure 7-34 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informa

Page 27

122 Figure 7-35 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informat

Page 28 - 2.2 Rear Panel

123transmission only and its port shall be 123.The update interval ranges

Page 29 - 2.3 Connection Sample

124The system can send out the data as the protocol defined to the client

Page 30 - 2.4 Remote Control

125 Figure 7-39 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informat

Page 31 - 2.5 Mouse Control

126Parameter Function Capture You need to input capture channel numbe

Page 32

127Please refer to the following sheet for detailed information. Paramete

Page 33

128Parameter Function PTZ Activation z Here you can set PTZ movement w

Page 34 - 3.3 HDD Installation

129Parameter Function Data Bit Default setup is 8. Please set accord

Page 35 - 3.4 Rack Installation

13Recording Length 1 to 120 minutes single record duration (Default setup

Page 36 - 3.5 Connecting Power Supply

1307.3.3 Advanced HDD Management HDD management includes net s

Page 37 - X284H284H284HFigure 3-2X

131 Figure 7-45 Important The alarm output port should not be connected

Page 38

132 Figure 7-46 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informa

Page 39 - X287H287H287HFigure 3-5.X

133 Figure 7-47 Auto Maintenance Here you can select auto rebo

Page 40

1347.3.3.6 Snapshot Snapshot interface is shown as in Figure 7-49. For 4

Page 41

135 Figure 7-50 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informa

Page 42 - 3.11 Other Interfaces

136 Figure 7-51 ATM/POS The ATM/POS function is the same with t

Page 43

137 Figure 7-52 Auto Register Auto register interface is shown

Page 44

138Port Server port number. Device ID Device ID in the device manageme

Page 45

139 Figure 7-55 Now you can see system begins download and the download

Page 46 - 4.2 Manual Record

14USB Interface 2 USB 2.0 ports. Network connection RJ45 10M/100M self-ad

Page 47

140 Figure 7-56 When download completed, you can see a dialogue box show

Page 48 - 4.3 Search & Playback

141If you want to download the file(s) to your USB device(flash disk/burn

Page 49

142Type Parameter Function Local Search local record. Snapshot S

Page 50 - (Button

143 Figure 7-59 7.5 Alarm Click alarm function, you can see an interface

Page 51 - / to go to

144 Figure 7-60 Please refer to the following sheet for detailed informa

Page 52 - 4.4 Schedule

145 Figure 7-61 7.7 Log out Click log out button, system goes back to l

Page 53

1468 Professional Surveillance System Besides Web, you can use our Profe

Page 54

1479 FAQ 1. DVR can not boot up properly. There are following possibili

Page 55

148z DVR color or brightness setup is not correct. 6. Can not search l

Page 56 - 4.5 Detect

149z PTZ decoder and DVR address is not compatible. z When there are s

Page 57 - X305H305H305HFigure 4-22X

15System Resources Multiplex operations: Multiple-channel record, multipl

Page 58

150z System uses too much CPU resources. Please stop record first and th

Page 59

151z There is no DivX503Bundle.exe control when you play the file transf

Page 60

152Appendix A HDD Capacity Calculation Calculate total capacity needed b

Page 61

153Appendix B Compatible USB Drive List NOTE: Please upgrade the DVR fir

Page 62 - 4.7 Backup

154Appendix C Compatible CD/DVD Burner List NOTE: Please upgrade the DVR

Page 63

155Appendix D Compatible SATA HDD List NOTE: Please upgrade the DVR firm

Page 64

156Western Digital Cariar SE16 WD5000KS2 500G SATA Western Digital

Page 65

157Appendix E Compatible Displayer List Please refer to the following sh

Page 66

158Appendix F Earthing 1. What is the surge? Surge is a short current

Page 67

159work. The signal lightning arrester has many specifications, and wide

Page 68 - 4.10 Flip

16Audio Input N/A N/A N/A Audio Output N/A Audio Bidirectional Audio

Page 69 - Figure 4-45

160 Mixed ground: The mix ground consists of the feature of the one-point

Page 70 - 5.2 Main Menu

161z The monitor system usually can adopt the one-point ground. z Plea

Page 71 - 5.3 Setting

162For L (live cable) Turn the digital multimeter to 750V AC, use your on

Page 72

17External Alarm Support record activation function or activate external

Page 73

18Air Pressure 86kpa-106kpa Dimension 2U standard industrial case. 440(

Page 74

19Support dual streams. Extra stream resolution: CIF 352×288/ 352×240 Q

Page 75


Page 76

20Partial Enlargement When in one-window full-screen playback mode, you c

Page 77

21Multi-lever user management; various management modes Integrated manage

Page 78

22Video Input 4-CH composite video input: (NTSC/PAL) BNC (1.0VBP- P, B75Ω

Page 79 - X372H372H372HFigure 5-16

23 Hard disk Hard Disk Occupation Audio:PCM 28.8MByte/h Video:56-900MByt

Page 80

24Support peripheral eSATA backup device. Support network download and b

Page 81

25on Account lock strategy Five times login failure in thirty minutes m

Page 82

262 Overview and Controls This section provides information about front

Page 83

27When playback, click these buttons to control playback bar. Go to previ

Page 84 - 5.5 Advanced

28Jog(inner dial) Up/down direction key. Playback mode, turn the inner

Page 85

299 Bidirectional talk input port 10 Bidirectional talk output port 11

Page 86

33.2 About Front Panel and Real Panel ...

Page 87

30 Figure 2-5 2.4 Remote Control The remote control interface is shown

Page 88

31 Serial Number Name Function 1 Address Click it to input device

Page 89

32In input box, you can select input methods. Left click the correspondin

Page 90

332.6 Virtual Keyboard & Front Panel 2.6.1 Virtual Keyboard The sy

Page 91

343 Installation and Connections Note: All the installation and operatio

Page 92 - 5.6 Information

35 Important If the HDD amount is less than four, you

Page 93

36The DVR occupies 2 rack units of vertical rack space. z Use twelve sc

Page 94 - 5.7 Shutdown

37 Figure 3-1 3.6.2 Connecting Video Output Video output includes a BNC(

Page 95 - Figure 5-45

38Important Please note there is a series product does not support audio

Page 96 - 6 About Auxiliary Menu

39 Figure 3-4 3.8 Alarm Input and Output Connection Please refer to th

Page 97 - X401H401H401HFigure

44.1.5 Replace Button Battery ...

Page 98

40The alarm output port should not be connected to high power load direct

Page 99

41z Please parallel connect COM end and GND end of the alarm detector (P

Page 100

42Temperature -40℃ ~+70℃ 3.9 RS232 You can connect the DVR with POS or

Page 102 - X431H431H431HFigure 7-6X

444 Overview of Navigation and Controls Before operation, please make s

Page 103

45 Figure 4-2 4.1.3 Logout There are two ways for you to log out. One

Page 104 - X434H434H434HFigure 7-8X

46Before replacement, please save the system setup, otherwise, you may lo

Page 105

47z Stop: All channels stop recording. Figure 4-6 Enable/disabl

Page 106 - 3D Intelligent Positioning

48You can see indication light in front panel turns on, system begins man

Page 107 - X438H438H438HFigure 7-12X

49 Figure 4-11 Please refer to the following sheet for more information.

Page 108

54.9.4 Activate Patrol (tour) ...

Page 109 - 7.3 Configure

50For 1-16 channel series There are two playback modes: 4-ch and all-chan

Page 110 - Figure 7-20X

51operations) Special Functions of Shuttle and Jog Illustration Remarks

Page 112

53 Figure 4-13 Quick Setup This function allows you to copy one c

Page 113 - X454H454H454HFigure 7-26X

54Figure 4-14 Playback or search in the redundant disk. There are two way

Page 114

55 Figure 4-16 Priority Please note the a

Page 115 - X456H456H456HFigure 7-28X

564.4.4 Snapshot Disk (For special series only) Set one disk as snapshot

Page 116

57In the main menu, from Setting to Detect, you can see motion detect int

Page 117 - X461H461H461HFigure 7-31X

58In X309H309H309HFigure 4-17X, you can left click mouse and then drag it

Page 118

59 Figure 4-23 Figure 4-24 4.5.3 Video Loss In Figure 4-20, select vid

Page 119 - Figure 7-32

65.6 Information...

Page 120 - Figure 7-33

60When someone viciously masks the lens, or the output video is in one-co

Page 121 - Figure 7-34

61z Send email: System can send out email to alert you when alarm occurs

Page 122 - Figure 7-35

62 Figure 4-29 Figure 4-30 4.7 Backup DVR support USB device backup a

Page 123

634.7.1 Backup Select backup device and then set channel, file start time

Page 124 - X467H467H467HFigure 7-38X

644.8 PTZ Control and Color Setup Note: All the operations here are base

Page 125

65 Figure 4-35 Click Pan/Tilt/Zoom, the interface is shown as below. See

Page 126 - X468H468H468HFigure 7-40X

66Click this key, system goes back to the single screen mode. Drag the mo

Page 127

67 Figure 4-40 Note: z Preset, tour and pattern all need th

Page 128 - X470H470H470HFigure 7-42X

684.9.4 Activate Patrol (tour) In X341H341H341H Figure 4-39, input patrol

Page 129

69 Figure 4-45

Page 131

705 Understanding of Menu Operations and Controls 5.1 Menu Tree This s

Page 132 - X475H475H475HFigure 7-47X

71 Figure 5-1 5.3 Setting In main menu, highlight setting icon and doub

Page 133

72while the next HDD is no empty, then system stops recording, If the cur

Page 134

73Encode setting includes the following items. See Figure 5-6. Please not

Page 135 - X478H478H478HFigure 7-51X

74 Figure 5-6 Figure 5-7 5.3.3 Schedule Please refer to chapter 4.4 sc

Page 136

75After completing all the setups please click save button, system goes b

Page 137

765.3.5.1 Advanced Setup Advanced setup interface is shown as in Figure 5

Page 138 - 7.4 Search

77- -“D” address space z The higher four-bit of

Page 139 - Figure 7-55

78z Host IP: Input your PC address. z Port: This series DVR supports T

Page 140 - OK to exit

79 Figure 5-15 Please note NNDS type includes: CN99 DDNS、NO-IP DDNS、Priva

Page 141 - Figure 7-58

8Welcome Thank you for purchasing our DVR! This user’s manual is designed

Page 142 - X482H482H482HFigure 7-59

80 Figure 5-17 System also supports upload multiple DVRs to one FTP serve

Page 143

81The interval value ranges from 0 to 3600 second. 0 means there is no in

Page 144 - 7.6 About

82 Figure 5-20 5.3.9 Display Display setup interface is shown as below. S

Page 145 - 7.8 Un-install Web Control

83 Figure 5-21 In Figure 5-21, click modify button after channel. You ca

Page 146

845.3.10 Default Click default icon, system pops up a dialogue box. You

Page 147

85 Figure 5-25 5.5.1 HDD Management Here is for you to view and impleme

Page 148

86 Figure 5-27 5.5.2 Abnormity Abnormity interface is shown as in Figure

Page 149

87Here is for you to set proper alarm output. Please highlight icon to s

Page 150

88 Figure 5-30 5.5.6 Auto Maintain Here you can set auto-reboot time and

Page 151

89 Figure 5-32 5.5.8 Video Matrix Here you can set matrix output channe

Page 152

9Important Safeguards and Warnings 1.Electrical safety All installation

Page 153

90 Figure 5-34 Network Type The network type interface is shown

Page 154

91 Figure 5-36 Click Data button you can see an interface is shown as in

Page 155

925.6 Information Here is for you to view system information. There are

Page 156

93Tips: Please click Fn button or left click mouse to view HDD record tim

Page 157

945.6.4 Version Here is for you to view some version information. See Fi

Page 159 - 2. The earthing modes

966 About Auxiliary Menu 6.1 Go to Pan/Tilt/Zoom Menu In the one-windo

Page 160

97In the middle of the eight direction arrows, there is a 3D intelligent

Page 161

98 Figure 6-6 6.2.1 Preset Setup Note: The following setups are usually

Page 162

99You can memorize all these setups as pattern 1. Figure 6-9 6.2.6 Act

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