Delta Embedded DVR User Manual

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H.264 Standalone
Standalone DVR
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Summary of Contents

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H.264H.264H.264H.264 StandaloneStandaloneStandaloneStandalone DVRDVRDVRDVRUSERUSERUSERUSER MANUALMANUALMANUALMANUAL _V2.1_V2.1_V2.1_V2.1

Page 2

85 VGA VGA monitor6 NET RJ457 USB/ MOUSEFirst USB for backup or upgrade system of DVR ; Second USBfor mouse8 ON/OFF Power supply switcher9 DC-12V Powe

Page 3

9ItemItemItemItem InterfaceInterfaceInterfaceInterface DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescription1 VIDEO IN 16ch video input2 AUDIO IN 4ch audio inp

Page 4

104 way switching value alarm output, selectable in normally open contact, also selectable innormally closedcontact, the externalalarm device shouldbe

Page 5

111 【 POWER 】 Power ON/OFF11【 ENTER】【 OK 】This button is usedas “ enter ” and “ ok ” key in mostcircumstances2 【 DEV 】 Select DVR1,2,3, …12 【 SWITCH 】

Page 6 - Com-munication

122 Right click mouseRight click mouse, popping the shortcut menu, as follows;。Through the menu can be switching preview screen window mode, startrepl

Page 7

13ButtonButtonButtonButton DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescription ButtonButtonButtonButton DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescriptionMain Menu

Page 8

14While the DVR-4108 running, directly to pull up the power cable of DVR-4108, please avoid as much aspossible to do it. (specially while the DVR reco

Page 9

15channel.ManualManualManualManual recordingrecordingrecordingrecordingNote:Note:Note:Note: ManualManualManualManual recordingrecordingrecordingrecord

Page 10

16Synchronous / asynchronous play Voice adjustmentframe by frame1/4/8/9/16 screen(switchimage)S peed slow Hide / display listS peed normal recording d

Page 11

17【 Set 】 Click 【 StartTour】 the trajectory of said no corresponding, click the 【 add Preset 】 and 【 delete Presetpoint 】 , 【 ClearTour】 the cruise li

Page 13 AlarmAlarmAlarmAlarm controlcontrolcontrolcontrol【 Set Alarm 】 Selection need protection channel, click confirm corresponding channel a

Page 14 - Boot-strap

19【 Device 】 Optional: VGA output, TV output etc display output device.【 Default 】 Restoring default display parameters.Through the slider fluctuation

Page 15

20【 Channel 】 Choose the need to install passage "whole" says setting all channels.【 Image Size 】 CIF/ HALF D1/ D1 (only in whole function m

Page 16

21【 Channel 】 Choose the need to install passage "whole" says setting all channels.【 Channel Name 】 Can manual corresponding input channel&a

Page 17

22【 Channel 】 Choose regional channels, yuntai Settings "whole" says setting all channels【 PTZ Protocol 】 Yuntai equipment communication pro

Page 18

23【 Channel 】 Choose need to set up mobile testing area passage "whole" says setting all channels【 Sensitivity Setting 】 Can be set to give:

Page 19

24【 DHCP 】 After checked automatic assignment device will get IP address, subnet mask, the default gateway, theDNS server, etc【 UPnP 】 Can choose acco

Page 20

25【 DDNS Service 】 Dynamic DNS provider website【 DDNS Domain 】 Dynamic domain name, soft keyboard and hard keyboard can be input.【 DDNS Account 】 Logi

Page 21

26【 List Rule 】 According to the requirement to choose: don't use, allow access, refused to visit.【 Starting IP 】 Display IP address started sect

Page 22

27【 Set Time 】 Confirm modification system of time(2)HDD(2)HDD(2)HDD(2)HDD ManagementManagementManagementManagement【 Disk Full 】 When video disk full

Page 23

1INDEXINDEXINDEXINDEX.ChapterChapterChapterChapter oneoneoneone ProductsProductsProductsProducts IntroduceIntroduceIntroduceIntroduce …………………………………………

Page 24

28According to the save button modified users.【 Edit Password 】 Select the account, input to modify current user password, and enter the account passw

Page 25 SystemSystemSystemSystem ManagementManagementManagementManagement(1)System UpgradeShow the system hardware versions, software version,

Page 26

30(3)DefaultRestoring default can restore selected according to need. The system restore to the default configuration stateout, can according to the m

Page 27

31ChapterChapterChapterChapter FiveFiveFiveFive IEIEIEIE PreviewPreviewPreviewPreview5. logginglogginglogginglogging onononon interfaceinter

Page 28

32Pretermission IP address is SystemSystemSystemSystem SettingsSettingsSettingsSettingsP oint , A s the picture ,You can set

Page 31

355. SSSS tatetatetatetate controlcontrolcontrolcontrolI n state control you can set reboot server, close server , remote to go upR emote up

Page 34 - P oint , A s the picture

2...PowerPowerPowerPowerThis DVR select the adaptor is DC12V ; please make sure the power supply voltage before use themachine.If long ti

Page 36

39ChapterChapterChapterChapter SixSixSixSix FAQFAQFAQFAQ (Frequently(Frequently(Frequently(Frequently AskedAskedAskedAsked Questions)Questions)Questio

Page 37

40② if the video connected with TV or VGA monitor properly? Check if there is any video signal input?And make sure the line faulty or not?09 : Why doe

Page 38

41PostscriptPostscriptPostscriptPostscriptProductProductProductProduct parameterparameterparameterparameter TableTableTableTable4CH4CH4CH4CH 8CH8CH8CH

Page 39

42MMMM obilobilobilobil platformplatformplatformplatform Naway.CAB ; symbian v3 ; symbian v5 ; Naway-Android ; iphone , BlackberryRS485RS485RS485RS485

Page 40

3Recording mode Manual recording, timing recording , motion detection recording and externalalarm recordingSimplex/duplex/ triplex triplex ( recording

Page 41

4Alarmlinkagefunction8ch alarm input ( alarm event mode can beset normal open or normal close selection),and turn-by-turn video loss alarm, dynamicdet

Page 42

54CH4CH4CH4CHItemItemItemItem InterfaceInterfaceInterfaceInterface DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescription1 VIDEO IN 4ch video input2 AUDIO IN 4c

Page 43 - Postscript

64CH_S4CH_S4CH_S4CH_SItemItemItemItem InterfaceInterfaceInterfaceInterface DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescription1 VIDEO IN 4ch video input2 AUD

Page 44

710ALARM IN : IN1-IN8 alarm input portRS-485 : A , BALARM OUT: N1 N2 alarm output port, every channelconnect GND 、 OUT 、 COM;every two channel OUT, CO

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