Delta THINKPAD R40 Setup Guide

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R40 Series
Setup Guide
Part Number: 92P1241
Checklist for unpacking
Thank you for purchasing the IBM ThinkPad R Series computer. Match the items on this list with the items in the box. If any item is
missing or damaged, please contact your place of purchase.
h Computer
h Battery pack
1. Some models may contain additional
items that are not listed.
2. For some models, a diskette drive is
included in the package.
3. Your computer features IBM
Disk-to-Disk recovery. Everything
needed to recover factory-installed files
and applications is on your hard disk.
Disk-to-Disk recovery eliminates the
need for a Recovery CD. For more
information, see “Recovering
preinstalled software” in the Service
and Troubleshooting Guide.
h Power cord
h Books:
v Setup Guide
v Service and
v Manual package
for Microsoft
h AC adapter h Telephone cable
and TrackPoint cap
© Copyright IBM Corp. 2003 1
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - R40 Series

ThinkPadR40 SeriesSetup GuidePart Number: 92P1241Checklist for unpackingThank you for purchasing the IBM ThinkPad R Series computer. Match the items o

Page 2 - Setting up your computer

Setting up your computer1. Installing the battery.a) Align the side of the battery with the side of the battery compartment in thecomputer 1; then g

Page 3

3. Turning on the system.a) Open the computer display. Press the latches 1 and open the display 2. Thenposition the display so that it is convenie

Page 4

5. Using the volume control.You can adjust the sound level produced by the built-in speakers by using thefollowing three buttons:1Volume down2Volu

Page 5 - Access IBM

7. Using Access IBM.Whenever you have a question about your computer, or wish to view IBM Websites, simply press the Access IBM button to open Access

Page 6 - Installing memory

Installing memoryIncreasing memory capacity is an effective way to make programs run faster. You can increase the amount of memory inyour computer by

Page 7

If the SO-DIMM is already in the memory slot, remove it to make room for thenew one by pressing out on the latches on both edges of the socket at the

Page 8

8. Replace the memory slot cover over the memory slot, aligning the back side of the cover first; then tighten the screw.Attention: When you have adde

Page 9

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