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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - User Manual

1 User HandbookDELTA3R31 & R40 ThinkPadsUser ManualAcademic 2003 - 2004Version 2

Page 2 - Contents

10 User HandbookShortcutsOne way to guard against wrist strain is to use short cut keys rather than using theTrackPoint on the IBM ThinkPad. For exa

Page 3

11 User HandbookInstalling Software through PortalWhen you get your laptop, it will come with several applications pre-installed inthe base image. T

Page 4 - Introduction

12 User HandbookYour computer will receive a small file and begin to download the program to yourlaptop.• Ignore the download times and file sizes pr

Page 5 - Password

13 User Handbook3. The Add/Remove programs window will open, select the program you wish toremove clicking on it. It will highlight, and a button wi

Page 6 - R31 ThinkPad

14 User HandbookIf you are faculty or staff, please call the helpdesk to find out the name of your home server[ folder name].Make sure the Reconnect

Page 7 - R40 ThinkPad

15 User HandbookIBM DLAAnother useful program loaded on your laptop is IBM DLA. DLA stands for DriveLetter Access. It permits you to drag and drop fi

Page 8 - ThinkPad General Tips

16 User HandbookRapid RestoreThis program is available to users of laptops with the base image that does not include Linux.Its purpose is to permit u

Page 9 - Key procedures

17 User HandbookBacking up your systemWeekly backups are automatically scheduled for you. To access Rapid Restore’smain console use the Start - Progr

Page 10 - Shortcuts

18 User HandbookIn Windows Explorer, click the Single_File_Restore folder. Within the folderthere are two subfolders:i. Drive[C]_Cumulative_Backup_da

Page 11 - How to install software

19 User HandbookCommand AntivirusCommand Antivirus software is part of the image on your laptop. However, forCommand to detect new viruses you must

Page 12 - Removing Programs

2 User HandbookContentsIntroduction ... 4Get

Page 13 - Mapping your Network Drive

20 User HandbookWirelessNew in September 2003 is the provision of wireless connectivity on the Trafalgar and Daviscampuses. All ThinkPads will have w

Page 14 - IBM Record Now

21 User HandbookIBM Access ConnectionsIBM Access Connections is software that is included in the Sheridan Imagethat assists with the management of l

Page 15 - User Handbook

22 User HandbookUsing IBM Access Connections at HomeYou can use IBM Access Connections for your home ISPs and Networks by following theinstructions b

Page 16 - Rapid Restore

23 User HandbookThe location profile must have a descriptive name and a desired connection type.In the example shown here for a profile for someone w

Page 17 - Restoring Your System

24 User HandbookThis information is not required to connect to Sheridan’s network but may be neces-sary if users wish to define static IPs and DNS fo

Page 18 - Restoring your system

25 User HandbookThis information is not required to connect to Sheridan’s network but you may wishto change your default page for your new profile as

Page 19 - Command Antivirus

26 User HandbookYou can assign a default printer to a specific profile. For example ifyou have a colour bubble jet printer at home, you could make it

Page 20 - R31 Wireless Cards

27 User HandbookYou will now be asked to save your profile and whether or not you want toimmediately use it.If you click on Yes, you will see that yo

Page 21 - IBM Access Connections

28 User HandbookMy HomeMy HomeMy HomeAnd you can see when you are connected.

Page 22 - Creating a Profile

29 User HandbookBattery & Power ManagementBattery ManagementCharging the battery• You should use your computer until the battery is low before ch

Page 23

3 User HandbookSetting Up a Network Printer ... 33Connecting at home...

Page 24

30 User HandbookThe battery icon, located on the task bar at the lower right-hand side of your screen, provides useful information. Dou-ble click to

Page 25

31 User Handbook• if connected to the network under battery power, the computer may turnpower off to the PC card and stop communication with the PC c

Page 26

32 User HandbookSYMBOL1. Drive in use2. Numeric lock3. Caps lock4. Scroll lock5. Power on1ACOLOURGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenMEANINGData is being read f

Page 27

33 User HandbookPrinting at SheridanNetworked PrintersBecause each mobile classroom has a printer, you will have access to differentprinters. You wil

Page 28

34 User Handbook1. Select Start/Settings/PrintersSelect Add Printer2. Select Next3. Verify that Local printer is checked.Uncheck “Automatically detec

Page 29 - Battery Management

35 User Handbook4. Select “Create a new port” and change to the LPR Port option. Select Next5. Type the name of your print server which is oaprintse

Page 30 - Power Management

36 User Handbook6. When you looked up the printer for the room on the web site, themanufuacturer and model were listed of that printer were listed. T

Page 31 - System Status Indicators

37 User Handbook9. Select No. Select Next10. Select Finish11. Select Yes. Your new printer should now be installed.

Page 32

38 User HandbookConnecting at homeUsing your modem & cable modemEach laptop comes with a built-in 56K V90 internal modem and a telephone cord. T

Page 33 - Networked Printers

39 User Handbook2. Double click the Make NewConnections. The connectionwizard will start.3. Choose Dial-up to the Internetand click nextThe first dia

Page 34

4 User HandbookIntroductionThis manual is designed to provide you with a short reference guide to the majorfeatures and functions of your assigned la

Page 35

40 User Handbook4. Choose “I want to set up my Internet…” and click next5. Choose I connect through a phone line and a modem and click next6. Enter y

Page 36

41 User Handbook7.Enter your usernameand password and clicknext8.Rename the connectionname to somethingmeaningful – such as“My ISP Connection”9.If yo

Page 37

42 User HandbookChanging the Default ConnectionNow that you have setup a dial-up connection, the computer needs to be told when itshould use it. Thi

Page 38 - Connecting at home

43 User HandbookCreating a Dial-upShortcutAt this point, a new network dial-up icon has beencreated in the Network and Dial-up Connectionscontrol pan

Page 39

44 User HandbookCable/DSL Setup Instructions***Note you are the “administrator” of your own computer. If you make anirreversible mistake you may nee

Page 40

45 User HandbookIndexBBase backup image 16battery fuel gauge 29battery management - ThinkPads 29CCable/DSL Setup 44CD-R 17Clipboard Shortcuts 1

Page 41

5 User HandbookFirst-time Setup of Your Username &PasswordThese instructions on the first-time set-up must be followed very carefully, oryou will

Page 42

6 User HandbookThis dialogue boxwill ask you tochange yourpasswordLeave the Old passwordblank.Key in your new password.Press tabKey in the same passw

Page 43 - Shortcut

7 User Handbookan internal floppy disk drive. You may use an external floppy drive available inthe ITSC if you need to transfer data from a floppy dr

Page 44 - Cable/DSL Setup Instructions

8 User HandbookThinkPad General Tips1 CD ROM drive doorWhen closing the CD-ROM drive door, push in at the centre. You may use a paperclip in the smal

Page 45

9 User HandbookSoftwareKey proceduresBase imageLaptops are loaded with an image for an academic year. When problems occur sub-sequent to an image cre

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