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Valve Trim
Installation Instructions
Owners Manual
17 Series
ASME A112.18.1 / CSA B125.1
Write purchased model number here.
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Table of Contents:
Warranties ................................................................................. Page 2
Installation Instructions ............................................................. Pages 3 - 7
Clean and care........................................................................... Page 8
Maintenance .............................................................................. Page 8
Cartridge Summary Reference Sheet ....................................... Page 8
Replacement Parts .................................................................... Pages 9 - 24
CSA B125.1 and ASSE 1016 (Type -P- or -T-).
CAUTION: This system/device must be set by the
installer to ensure safe, maximum temperature.
Any change in the setting may raise the discharge
temperature above the limit considered safe and
may lead to hot water burns.
installer of this valve, it is your responsibility
to properly INSTALL and ADJUST this valve
per the instructions given. This valve does
not automatically adjust for inlet temperature
changes, therefore, someone must make the
necessary Rotational Limit Stop adjustments
at the time of installation and further adjustments
may be necessary due to seasonal water
temperature change. YOU MUST inform the
owner/user of this requirement by following
the instructions. If you or the owner/user are
unsure how to properly make these adjustments
please refer to page 7 and if still uncertain, call
us at 1-800-345-DELTA.
After installation and adjustment, you must affix
your name, company name and the date you
adjusted the Rotational Limit Stop to the caution
label provided and apply or attach the label to
the back side of the closest cabinet door and the
warning label to the water heater. Leave this
Instruction Sheet for the owner’s/user’s
WARNING: This pressure balanced or
thermostatic bath valve is designed
to minimize the effects of outlet water
temperature changes due to inlet pressure
changes, commonly caused by dishwashers,
washing machines, toilets and the like. It may
not provide protection from hot water burns
when there is a failure of other temperature
controlling devices elsewhere in the
plumbing system, if the rotational limit stop
is not properly set or if the hot water
temperature is changed after the settings are
made or if the water inlet changes
due to seasonal changes.
WARNING: Do not install a shut-off device on
either outlet of this valve. When this type of
device shuts off the water flow, it can defeat
the ability of the valve to balance the hot and
cold water pressures. 1/14/14 Rev. G1
17 Series 17 Series
17 Series
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - 17 Series 17 Series

MultiChoice® Valve TrimInstallation InstructionsOwners Manual17 SeriesASME A112.18.1 / CSA B125.1Write purchased model number here.TEFLON You May Need

Page 2 - Delta HDF Limited Warranty

Garantía Limitada De Por Vida de la Llave y su AcabadoPiezas y acabadoTodas las piezas (excepto las piezas electrónicas y laspilas) y los acabados de

Page 3 - Back to back Installation

Instalación1Instalación del CartuchoCierre los suministros de agua. Quite lacubierta (1), la tuerca tapa (2) y la tapa deprueba (3). Si no es para ins

Page 4

Instalación2Instalación de la Cabeza de la Regadera y el Surtidor de la BañeraPARA LAS INSTALACIONES DE LAS CABEZASDE REGADERA: Conecte la toma de sal

Page 5

Instalación52Instalación de la Cabeza de la Regadera y el Surtidor de la BañeraPARA LA INSTALACIÓN DEL SURTIDOR DE LA BACERA: Refiérase a las instrucci

Page 6

Instalación3Instalación FinalLa instalación de la roseta para losmodelos T17053, T17253, T17453, T17067, T17267 y T17467.Deslice el ar

Page 7

4Instalación y Ajuste del Tope que Limita la RotaciónB.Instalación y Ajuste del Tope que Limita laRotación Coloque la perilla para el control dela tem

Page 8 - Clean and Care

Limpieza y Cuidado de su LlaveTenga cuidado al ir a limpiar este producto.Aunque su acabado es sumamente durable,puede ser afectado por agentes de lim

Page 9

Instructions d’installationFinition de la soupapeMultiChoice®Guide d’utilisation17 Séries ASME A112.18.1 / CSA B125.1Inscrivez le numéro de modèle ici

Page 10 - 68882 Rev. G

Garantie à vie limitée des robinets et de leurs finisPièces et finis Toutes les pièces (à l’exception des composantsélectroniques et des piles) et tous

Page 11 - Instalación

C.B. Installation dos à dosInstallation normale(Non modifiée)InstallationInverséeEau FroidesEau ChaudeInstallation1Installation de la cartouche.A.Int

Page 12

Lifetime Faucet and Finish Limited WarrantyParts and FinishAll parts (other than electronic parts and batteries) andfinishes of this Delta® faucet are

Page 13

Installation2Installation de la pomme de douche et du bec de baignoireINSTALLATION DE LA POMME DE DOUCHE : Raccordez la sortie supérieure (1) au tuyau

Page 14

Installation52Installation de la pomme de douche et du bec de baignoireINSTALLATION DU BEC DE BAIGNOIRE : Consultez les instructions d’installation fo

Page 15

Installation36Installation des pièces de finitionA.Faites glisser le joint torique (1) sur lacartouche et l’écrou à portée sphérique(2). Le joint sert

Page 16 - Mantenimiento

Installation4Installation et réglage de la butée anti-échaudageB.Placez le bouton de réglage de température(1) sur la manette de réglage de débit etto

Page 17 - 17 Séries

Instructions de nettoyageIl faut le nettoyer avec soin. Même si sonfini est extrêmement durable, il peut êtreabîmé par des produits fortement abrasifso

Page 18

58045, 58064, & 58065 Models / Modelos / Modèles958065RP64024▲ShowerheadCabeza de RogadoraPomme de DoucheRP64021Hose & GasketsManguera y Empaq

Page 19 - Installation

T17030, T17130, T17230, T17230-H2O, T17430 & T17430-H2O Models / Modelos / ModèlesRP6025▲Shower FlangePestaña dela RogadoraColleretteRP6023▲Shower

Page 20

RP196▲Trim Screws/Atornillos de Franja/Vis de FinitionT17038, T17238, T17238-H2O, T17438 & T17438-H2OModels / Modelos / Modèles11RP70173▲Showerhea

Page 21

T17051, T17251, T17251-H2O, T17451 & T17451-H2OModels / Modelos / Modèles12RP62283▲ShowerheadCabeza de RogadoraPomme de DoucheRP70171▲ShowerheadCa

Page 22

T17053, T17253, T17253-H2O, T17453 & T17453-H2O Models / Modelos / Modèles13RP62956▲Temperature Knob and CoverPerilla de la Temperatura y Cubierta

Page 23

Installation1Cartridge InstallationA.B.Turn off water supplies. Removecover (1), bonnet nut (2) and test cap (3)from the body. If this is not a thi

Page 24 - Maintenance

T17061, T17261 & T17461 Models / Modelos / ModèlesRP70175▲ShowerheadCabeza de RogadoraPomme de DoucheRP6023▲Shower ArmBrazo de la RogadoraTuyau de

Page 25

15RP64859▲ShowerheadCabeza de RogadoraPomme de DoucheRP6023▲Shower ArmBrazo de la RogadoraTuyau de Pomme de DoucheRP6025▲Shower FlangePestaña dela Rog

Page 26 - Models / Modelos / Modèles

16RP75440▲Temperature Knob and CoverPerilla de la Temperatura y CubiertaPoigneé de Réglage de TempératureShowerhead▲Cabeza de RogadoraPomme de DoucheR

Page 27

T17078, T17278, T17278-H2O, T17478 & T17478-H2OModels / Modelos / Modèles17RP51305▲ShowerheadCabeza de RogadoraPomme de DoucheRP70172▲ShowerheadCa

Page 28

T17082, T17085, T17282, T17285, T17285-H2O,T17482, T17485 &T17485-H2O Models / Modelos / Modèles18RP48590▲ShowerheadCabeza de RogadoraPomme de Dou

Page 29 - Models / Modelos / Modèles

T17086, T17286, T17286-H2O, T17486 & T17486-H2OModels / Modelos / Modèles19RP70171▲ShowerheadCabeza de RogadoraPomme de DoucheRP46870▲Shower ArmBr

Page 30

RP61269▲Tub Spout/Pull-Up DiverterTubo de Salida para Bañera/Botón Desviador de AlzarBec/avec dérivation à tiretteT17092, T17292 & T17492 Models /

Page 31

T17094, T17194, T17294, T17294-H2O, T17494 & T17494 -H2O Models / Modelos / Modèles21RP70173▲ShowerheadCabeza de RogadoraPomme de DoucheRP6023▲S

Page 32

T17097, T17297 & T17497 Models / Modelos / Modèles RP40593▲Shower ArmBrazo de la RogadoraTuyau de Pomme de Douche22RP70172▲ShowerheadCabeza de Rog

Page 33

23RP42572▲Temperature Knob and CoverPerilla de la Temperatura y CubiertaPoigneé de Réglage de TempératureRP32102Rotational Limit StopTope para Limitar

Page 34

58045Installation2Showerhead and Tub Spout InstallationA.FOR SHOWERHEAD INSTALLATION: Connect topoutlet (1) to shower arm (2) with proper fittings. Top

Page 35

T17155, T17255, T17255-H2O, T17455 & T17455-H2OModels / Modelos / Modèles24RP34355▲ShowerheadCabeza de RogadoraPomme de DoucheRP

Page 36

Notes / Notas / Notes2568882 Rev. G

Page 37

Delta Faucet CompanyProduct Service55 E. 111th StreetIndianapolis, IN 4628068882 Rev. G

Page 38

Installation52Showerhead and Tub Spout InstallationFOR TUB SPOUT INSTALLATION:Refer to the installation instructions supplied with your spout. Do not

Page 39

Installation36Trim InstallationA. B.Escutcheon Installation forModels T17053, T17253, T17453, T17067, T17267 & T17467.Slide O

Page 40

Installation4Installation and Adjustment of the Rotational Limit StopA.B.Place the temperature control knob (1) onvolume handle and rotate to the mixe

Page 41 - Notes / Notas / Notes

Clean and CareCare should be given to the cleaningof this product. Although its finish isextremely durable, it can be damaged byharsh abrasives or poli

Page 42 - Indianapolis, IN 46280

Instrucciones para laInstalación del Accesoriopara Válvulas MultiChoice®Manual para losPropietarios17 SeriesASME A112.18.1 / CSA B125.1Escriba aquí el

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