Delta AH500 series User Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 2

9AH500 System Structure – Facility Monitoring and Control SystemThe system configuration of the AH500 is well demonstrated by the Facility Monitoring

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10In addition to AH500 PLCs, Delta's industrial automation solution includes human machine interfaces (HMI), DVS series industrial Ethernet switc

Page 4

11ISPSoft V2.0 Highly Accessible Programming SoftwareFully Integrated InterfaceAdvanced Programming Interface + Visualized Hardware Configuration + Si

Page 5 - Keeps the System Running

12192.168.1. 12Station 12192.168.1. 13Station 13EthernetRS-485Station 21 Station 22 Station 23Ether LinkPLC Link192.168.1. 11Station 11Visualized Hard

Page 6

13PMSoft V2.0This programming software is for G-code editing, motion trajectory simulation, positioning route instruction and electronic cam establish

Page 7

14SCMSoft V1.0 Communication Editing SoftwareProvides SCM module with automatic data exchange setup functionMulti-axis motion controlE-Cam motioncontr

Page 8

15CPU ModulesModel name H W DAHCPU500-RS2 110 40 103AHCPU510-RS2 110 40 103AHCPU520-RS2 110 40 103AHCPU530-RS2 110 40 103HW DCPU ModulesModel name H W

Page 9

1632-point Digital I/O ModulesModel name H W DAH32AM10N-5A 110 35 103AH32AN02T-5A 110 35 103AH32AN02P-5A 110 35 103HW D32-point Digital I/O ModulesMod

Page 10 - AH500 System Structure –

17DimensionsNetwork ModuleModel name H W DAH10EN-5A 110 35 103HW DNetwork ModuleModel name H W DAH10SCM-5A 110 35 103HW DNetwork ModuleModel name H W

Page 11

18RTU ModuleModel name H W DAHRTU-DNET-5A 110 40 103HWDRTU ModuleModel name H W DAHRTU-PFBS-5A 110 40 103x161x160Node AddressRTU-PFBS RTU-PFBSRUNNETRU

Page 13 - Ethernet

19DimensionsExternal Terminal ModulesExternal Terminal ModulesExternal Terminal ModulesExternal Terminal ModulesExternal Terminal ModulesModel name H

Page 14 - Single axis motion control

20DimensionsCables (RJ45)Model name L Model name LTAP-CB03 0.3 TAP-CB20 2.0TAP-CB05 0.5 TAP-CB30 3.0TAP-CB10 1.0 TAP-CB100 10.0Cable (DB37)Model name

Page 15 - Editing Area

21Model name H WTAP-CN01 87 66.5CANopen Distribution BoxModel name H WTAP-CN02 87 96.5WHWHCANopen Distribution BoxCANopen Distribution BoxModel name H

Page 16

22Ordering InformationCPU ModulesModelLocalI/OpointsProgramcapacityDataregisterD/L/B(note)FunctionblocksExtensionbackplanePowerconsumption(Internal)Sp

Page 17

23Ordering InformationPower Supply ModulesDigital I/O Modules (Input)Model Points SignalsTerminalblocktypePowerconsumption(Internal /External)Accessor

Page 18 - Dimensions

24Digital I/O Modules (Mixed)Digital I/O Modules (Output)Model Inputs OutputsInputsignalsOutput signalsTerminalblocktypePowerconsumption(Internal /Ex


25Ordering InformationAnalog I/O Modules (Input)Analog I/O Modules (Output)Analog I/O Modules (Mixed)Model Channels SignalsTerminalblocktypePowerconsu

Page 20

26Temperature Measurement ModulesNetwork ModulesRemote I/O ModulesModel Channels Signals ResolutionConversiontimeTerminalblocktypePowerconsumption(Int

Page 21

27Ordering InformationMotion Control ModulesSoftware ModelTerminalblocktypePowerconsumption(Internal)Accessories(optional)Specications CerticatesAH

Page 22

28AccessoriesProducts Descriptions Models Specications Applicable Modules CerticatesCablesExtension cable forconnecting extensionbackplaneAHACAB06-5

Page 24

29Taoyuan Plant 1Taoyuan Technology Center (Green Building) (Diamond-rated Green Building)Taoyuan Plant Global Operations29

Page 25 - Digital I/O Modules (Output)

30Taoyuan Plant 1Taoyuan Technology Center (Green Building) (Diamond-rated Green Building)Taoyuan Plant 30

Page 26


Page 28

4Enhanced Flexibility – Extends the System FreelyImproved Maintainability – Keeps the System RunningSystem Extension StructureThe length of extension

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