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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - User Manual

MMC120 Linear Motion Control ModuleandDCS120-Win SoftwareUser ManualVersion 2.04.1 August 8, 2012Copyright © 1997-2012, Delta Computer Systems, Inc. A

Page 2 - Table of Contents

10point-to-point moves, TARGET POSITIONS are generated so the target speed follows aprofile. The MODE, ACCELERATION, DECELERATION, SPEED,andCOMMANDVAL

Page 3

100To write event step information to the motion controller, use the following command anddata Output registers pairs:Command DataRegister RegisterE00

Page 4


Page 5

102given to the axis at the moment ramp down begins.If the speed achieved by the axis during the open loop portion of the move is greater than65,535,

Page 6

103In Mode 2, the parameters define the distance in position units to accelerate or decelerateto the specified SPEED.In Mode 3, the parameters define

Page 7 - Disclaimer

104Accel/Decel Mode -- 15 ------------------/ /Accel/Decel Mode -- 16 -------------------/ACCELERATIONDefault: 1000Range: 0 to 65535This parameter def

Page 8

105This parameter is the same as ACCELERATION except it specifies the decelerationramp length or deceleration rate.SPEEDDefault: 1000Range: 0 to 65535

Page 9 - Principle of Operation

106'v' (Set Speed-Signed) Speed -32768 to 32767Make sure that the data in the COMMAND VALUE field is correct before you issue anyof these co

Page 10

107CONFIGURATION WordDefault: 0000Eleven bits of this 16-bit word control the configuration of the module. Bit 1 is the MSB;bit 16 is the LSB.Click he

Page 11 - Step-by-Step MMC120 Startup

108This mode is intended for use with a two-valve system, one controlling the flow rate andthe other the direction. This axis controls the flow-rate v

Page 12

109limit is 80%. If the integrator tries to go above the limit, the Integrator Windup bit in theword is set and the integrator value is held at the li

Page 13

11Drive OutputThe drive generated by the motion controller is sent through optical isolation to a 12-bitdigital-to-analog converter (DAC). The output

Page 14

110SCALEDefault: 30300Range: -32767 to 32767, excluding 0TIP: From the Tools menu, select Scale/Offset Calibration to help calculateSCALE and OFFSET.T

Page 15 - Setup Details

111Click here for MDT SCALE Calculation examplesNOTE: When the SCALE parameter is changed, the EXTEND LIMIT, RETRACTLIMIT,andOFFSET must also be chang

Page 16

112Since the scale is less than 16383.5, use the Prescale Divisor bits in theCONFIGURATION WORD to divide the transducer counts by 8. Then multiplythe

Page 17

113controller will allow as a COMMAND VALUE.(WhentheSCALE is negative, this isthe minimum value.) A COMMAND VALUE that exceeds this value will be set

Page 18

114Proportional Drive = PROPORTIONAL GAIN x Position Error / 10NOTE: The actual drive output may be reduced based on the values of the Extend FeedForw

Page 19

115DIFFERENTIAL GAINDefault: 0Range: 0 to 65535The DIFFERENTIAL GAIN field is used to minimize the error between the TARGETPOSITION and the ACTUAL POS

Page 20 - DCS120-Win Overview

116with the axis using a SPEED of 1,000. The amount of output drive required to maintainthis speed should be used as the EXTEND FEED FORWARD parameter

Page 21 - Screen Layout

117Range: 0 to 65535Same as EXTEND FEED FORWARD, except it is used when retracting.NOTE:Retracting is the direction that returns decreasing TRANSDUCER

Page 22 - Command area

118number of millivolts added to or subtracted from the drive output (depending on thedirection of travel) so the drive output is outside the dead ban

Page 23 - Parameter area

119AUTO STOPDefault: 0x1FE0 (Soft Stops enabled, Hard Stops enabled for TransducerErrors)Click here for the AUTO STOP Bit MapThe Auto Stop parameter c

Page 24 - Status Bar

12Simulator provide a simple way to test your program before connecting themodule to a real system.1. Connect the MMC120 to the DCS120-Win softwareMan

Page 25

120to use the popup editor. You can enter hexadecimal numbers by typing a leading 0x,asin 0x1FE0. Each of the eight faults listed above has two bits a

Page 26 - Basic Topics

121S No MDT ------------ 01 -//// //// //// ////O MDT Noise --------- 02 --/ / / //// //// ////F MDT Overflow ------ 03 ---/ / //// //// ////T Overdri

Page 27 - Read-back versus Write Mode

122OFFSET + 65535.Example 3:SCALE: 32050OFFSET: 1000Position Range: 1000 to 65535Discussion: Because SCALE is positive, the positions range from OFFSE

Page 28 - Using the STATUS Bits Window

123TARGET POSITIONWhentheaxisisinClosed Loop Mode, the TARGET POSITION is the calculatedinstantaneous ideal position for the axis. The TARGET POSITION

Page 29 - Using the Command Log

124TRANSDUCER COUNTSTRANSDUCER COUNTS is the axis position read directly from the transducer counterswith no scaling. Internally, TRANSDUCER COUNTS ar

Page 30

125If a new transducer count differs from the previous reading by more than 100 counts forsix consecutive milliseconds, the new value is assumed to be

Page 31 - Using Stored Commands

126a 16-bit number. See Valid 16-bit Positions for details on this limitation. This bit is alsoset if—when recirculations are used—TRANSDUCER COUNTS i

Page 32 - Setup Options

127Bit 11-12 - State BitsBits 11 and 12 show the state of the target generator:STATEBit 11 (State Bit B) Bit 12 (State Bit A)Stopped 0 0Accelerating 0

Page 33 - Creating a New Board File

128the module no longer can control the position. If the Integrator and Null Drivewere allowed to update they could become quite large and cause the a

Page 34 - Changing Between Board Files

129*Parameter Error --- 05 ------//// //// ////*Position Overflow – 06 -------/ / / //// ////*Integrator Windup – 07 --------/ / //// ////*Following E

Page 35

13enter ALT+SHIFT+O, and verify that the DRIVE for the axis is 0 (zero). If theNULL DRIVE is not zero, enter ALT+N to clear it.NOTE: Make sure the Sim

Page 36

130NULL DRIVEThis field displays the amount of drive in millivolts that it takes to hold the ACTUALPOSITION at the TARGET POSITION while at rest. Idea

Page 37 - Using Plots

131Link Type DescriptionEnd of Sequence This link type stops the event sequence.Time Delay Wait for a number of milliseconds.• Current Axis (Basic)The

Page 38 - Using the Plot Detail Window

132System-wide Link TypesLink Type - End of sequenceLink Type: 0 (decimal 0)Link Value: ReservedRange: must be 0When this Link Type is encountered the

Page 39 - Viewing the Raw Plot Data

133Suppose a move is being made from 4000 to 12000 position units. If the link type andvalue are ‘L’ and 8000 respectively, the next step would be exe

Page 40 - Printing a Plot

1342. Under Link Type, select Relative Limit Switch.3. Under Link Condition, select whether you wish to use Target or Actual Positionfor the compariso

Page 41 - Plot Time

135Link Value: Bit pattern that must be set or clearedRange: Any bitsThese link types wait for at least one of a user-selectable group of Status Bits

Page 42 - Table Editors

1365. Under Link Condition, select whether you wish to wait until the position is aboveor equal,orbelow or equal the Limit position.6. Under Link Cond

Page 43

1371. Calculate the Link Type:This involves converting the following bit fields into a hexadecimal byte. It ishighly recommended that the Link Type an

Page 44 - Editing the Event Step Table

1381Axis 0 or 10 for bit(s) OFF,1 for bit(s) ON110002. Enter the Link Value. Use the STATUS Word Bit Map to calculate a 16-bithexadecimal word that ma

Page 45

139Overload protection One-second short-circuit durationOvervoltage protection Outputs are protected by clamp diodesBus CompatibilityModConnect® Certi

Page 46

14method; it is described in Using the Scale/Offset Calibration Utilities.• Manually calculate and enter the Scale and Offset parameters. Refer to the

Page 47 - Advanced Topics

140the wave guide as the pulse reaches the magnetic field of a magnet. Thetwist takes time to be sensed at the transducer head. It is this time that i

Page 48 - Using PC Mode

141Retracting: Going in the direction where the transducer’s counts are decreasing.Soft Stop: An emergency stop condition where the drive ramps down t

Page 49 - Command Line Options

142Index..mdc file ...

Page 52

145Get Parameter Commands ... 95Get Prof

Page 53 - FLASH Memory

146Current Axis Status Bits... 133End of

Page 54 - LED Indicators

147Parameters ... 106, 107, 109, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118Auto Stop Bits ...

Page 55 - Motion Profiles

148RR Command ...

Page 56

149Set Null Drive ...

Page 57 - Synchronizing Axes

15losing parameters, provided that the Quantum downloads the settings to theMMC120 on each power-up.Setup DetailsWiring NotesUse shielded twisted pair

Page 58

150Vv Command ...

Page 59

16both the '+Int' and '-Int' between the transducer and the MMC120 for the interrogatesignal, and connect both the '+Ret&apos

Page 60 - Two per unit

17Some Temposonics I transducers from MTS have 200 Ohm termination resistors installedbetween their interrogation pins and common. If yours do not, it

Page 61 - Communicating with the MMC120

18PCNCRXTXDTRGroundDSRRTSCTS(9-pin female connector)1234567812345678MMC120(9-pin male connector)9ShieldRXTXDTRGroundDSRRTSCTSNCShieldTXRXRTSCTSDSRGrou

Page 62

19PROPORTIONAL GAIN affects the responsiveness of the system. Low gains make thesystem sluggish and unresponsive. Gains that are too high make the axi

Page 63 - Input Register Overview

2Table of ContentsDISCLAIMER ...

Page 64 - Output Register Overview

20keep moving the axis back and forth with increasing speed until you reach the desiredspeed. Should the system seem a little sloppy, try decreasing t

Page 65 - SAR Type Index

21• Using Stored Commands• UsingGraphsofAxisMovesSetup Options• Selecting a Serial Port to Use• Changing the Axis Names• Using Multiple Motion Modules

Page 66 - Troubleshooting

22Command areaThis area is located in the lower left portion of the main window. It holds the Commandfields for each axis. This area is updated only i

Page 67 - MMC120 Module Problems

23Parameter areaThis area is located in the lower right portion of the main window. It holds the Parameterfields for each axis. This area is updated o

Page 68

24For details on saving and loading parameters, see Changing Between Board Files.Plot Time areaThis area is located in the top right portion of the ma

Page 69 - Hydraulic System Problems

25Online - This indicates that the monitor program is currently communicatingwith a motion control module.Offline - This indicates that the monitor pr

Page 70

26event step table to the FLASH.…Stored CommandsEach of these buttons issues a storedcommand to the current axis. This isequivalent to holding CTRL an

Page 71

27only in the COMMAND field. For example, W.Press ENTER to finalize your changes, or ESC or cancel your edits.NOTE: In the fields that are displayed v

Page 72

28possible to have changes you are making overwritten by a field update. Toavoid this in most circumstances, the motion program will not update thecur

Page 73 - Technical Support

29• Press CTRL+B.Additionally, the Status Bits window can be displayed by using any of the methods ofdisplaying a Popup Editor.Using the Command LogCo

Page 74 - Parameter Errors

3Special Status Values Available in Plots... 41TARGET SPEED

Page 75

30In some applications the Command Log may be scrolling continually.To freeze the flow of commands in the log, do one of the following:• On the File m

Page 76 - Invalid command received

31session.To open the Properties dialog box:1. On the File menu, click Properties.2. In the Command Log Properties dialog box, select your font size a

Page 77

32profiles, see Editing the Stored Command Table. These stored commands can be used ineither partial profile or full motion profile modes.When execute

Page 78 - General ASCII Commands

33only for display purposes. An axis name can have no more than five characters.To change axis names:1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then cli

Page 79 - Go Command

34Refer to Using Multiple Motion Modules for general board file information.To create a new board file:1. On the File menu, click New.The resulting bo

Page 80 - Set Integral Drive Command

35Default Commands - Refer to the Command area topic for details.Serial Port - Although the serial port is not actually stored in the board fileitself

Page 81 - Disable Drive Output Command

3611. Under Second position, click Use Current.12. Under Extend/Retract Limits, choose how you wish to have the limits set:• If you had the extend and

Page 82 - Open Loop Command

37Using PlotsUsing Graphs of Axis MovesThe motion controller automatically gathers plot data for each move. A plot is triggeredwhen any of the followi

Page 83

38Selecting the Data to PlotAll plots read from the motion controller contain the following information:• ACTUAL POSITION• TARGET POSITION• DRIVE• STA

Page 84 - Restore Null Drive Command

39read exact values at a position in the plot, move the hairline to the desired position on theplot and read the detail window data.To hide the Detail

Page 85 - Update FLASH Command

4The command deceleration is invalid... 77Both sync bi

Page 86 - Start a Graph Command

40Saving and Restoring PlotsTosaveaplot,followthesesteps:1. Display the plot you wish to save.2. On the File menu, click Save As.3. In the File name b

Page 87 - Go Using Profile Commands

412. Select the printer and number of copies to print.3. Click OK.Plot TimeThe plot time field controls the time interval between plot samples. Becaus

Page 88 - Set Profile Commands

42support, but also holds bits 16 and 17 of the current count. Therefore, if you are using along enough MDT and are using counts above 65535, then you

Page 89

43Once the editor window is open, you can type values in the same manner as on the mainwindow. See Changing Data from the Keyboard for details.Additio

Page 90 - Set Parameter Commands

44motion controller module will only use the tables stored in its memory. Therefore, youmust upload and download the tables to work on them in the tab

Page 91 - ASCII Commands

45The Event Step table contains 256 Event Steps. For details on the use of Steps, refer toEvent Control Overview.Changing the Event Step TableChanges

Page 92

46the above methods. This feature is enabled by default.To toggle this feature on and off:• On the Settings menu, click Adjust Links on Column Operati

Page 93 - Get Profile Commands

47• Double-click the heading of a step.Using any of the above methods when the comment editor is already open will move thekeyboard focus to the comme

Page 94 - 0xAC-0xAF 37

48another firmware file.9. The firmware will then be downloaded.Forcing InitializationIt is possible to have the monitor program automatically send th

Page 95 - Get Parameter Commands

49it from the command line.Command Line OptionsThe monitor program can be started with various command line options. These optionscan be used to ensur

Page 96


Page 97 - Event Step Edit Commands

50• Xilinx VersionThis version corresponds to the Field Programmable Gate Array (Xilinx) firmware.There is one command available:• New FirmwareThis co

Page 98 - Diagnostics Command

51reduced. This is necessary on some computers that do not give Windows enoughtime to service the serial port queue, and therefore cause serial port o

Page 99 - Event Step Transfer Command

52Command Info: Mode MODE wordAccel AccelerationDecel DecelerationSpeed Requested SpeedCommand Value Requested position or command valueCommand Any va

Page 100

53• The command in an event will be executed as soon as a step is reached in the eventsequence.• The next Step in the sequence will be executed as soo

Page 101

54• TheentiresteptableEach section is protected by a checksum; these checksums are tested on module power-up and reset.Determining if the FLASH Data w

Page 102

55has stopped.ThenumberedLEDSindicatethestatusoftheaxes.NOTE: There are three transducer errors: No Transducer, Transducer Noise, andTransducer Overfl

Page 103 - MODE Word Bit Map

56Why use the Motion Profile Table?ThePLCcanissueonlyaCommand and Command Value in a single command cycle.Therefore, the Go command can only give the


57ACCEL10000 12000 15000 18000DECEL10000 12000 15000 18000SPEED10000 12000 15000 18000Profile 8 9 10 (0A) 11 (0B)MODE1111ACCEL100 100 100 200DECEL100


58• If a new Go or Relative Move command is given to the slave axis which removes theSync bit used in the MODE word, then that slave will perform the

Page 106 - Command Field

59Output±±±±15V ±±±±5% Supplies ±±±±12V ±±±±5% SuppliesCurrent Vout Maximum Vout MaximummA Typ MinLoad ΩΩΩΩTyp MinLoad ΩΩΩΩ10 13.7 12.7 1265 10.7 9.8

Page 108

60GCurrent Output 2HCommonJCurrent Output 1Hardware SpecificationsInputsIndicatorsInput ImpedanceInput voltage rangeOvervoltage protectionOutputsOutpu

Page 109 - CONFIGURATION Word Bit Map

61Communicating with the Quantum ControllerCommunicating with the MMC120Quantum Bus ConfigurationSelect four 3XXXXX registers for inputs and four 4XXX

Page 110

62registers and 4TTTTT represents the base address for the output registers. These are theaddresses at which the MMC120 is configured.Memory Requireme

Page 111 - SCALE Calculation Examples

63See also:Input Register OverviewOutput Register OverviewProgrammable Controller CommandsInput Register OverviewIn addition to the Output registers,


64(XXXX)4TTTTT+3 0000|0101|XXXX|XXXX(05XX)Requests DRIVE OUTPUT+4 XXXX|XXXX|XXXX|XXXX(XXXX)Data for command on axis 2The following input registers wou


65Programmable Controller CommandsProgrammable Controller CommandsAs described in Output Register Overview, each axis has one command register and one


661514131211109876543210Event Step NumberStepField0R/W111See Event Step Transfer Command for details on these commands.See also:Input Register Overvie


67by the Motion Controller and initializing the Motion Control Module with thoseparameters.The Motion Controller provides a STATUS word for each axis.


68transducer count between interrogations changes too much (indicating noise), red LED 3or 7 will be latched. Check the transducer power supply and ch


69dead band eliminator circuits that make tuning easier.3. If you have a servo motor and a ball screw, is there any backlash? Backlashproduces a dead


7DisclaimerAlthough great effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in thisdocumentation, it is intended to be used only as a gu

Page 119 - AUTO STOP

70Curvilinear valves - The flow through these valves increases slowly as the input signalincreases for the first 20% of range. Beyond 20% the flow inc

Page 120 - AUTO STOP Bit Map

71Insufficient pump and/or accumulator capacity will cause the system response to degradeduring a move because the effective pressure drops.Pressure t

Page 121 - Valid 16-Bit Positions

72If the speeds show:Your valve is probably curvilinear. Replace the valve with a linear one or increase theproportional gain and tune the system for


73With normal gain values, if the graph shows:Your pump and/or accumulator may be inadequate (you are running out of oil). Reducespeed, increase pump


74Parameter ErrorsTarget position moved outside limitsThis parameter error indicates that the axis was about to move its Target Position outsidethe ex

Page 124 - AXIS STATUS Word

75Attempt to go beyond extend limitThisparametererrorwilloccurwhenevereitheraGo or Relative Move commandrequests that the axis moves to a position bey

Page 125

76Extend limit must be greater than retract limitThis parameter error indicates that the EXTEND LIMIT was set to a position in whichthe TRANSDUCER COU

Page 126

77• Decrease the maximum SPEED value.The command acceleration is invalidThis parameter error indicates that an invalid ACCELERATION was given for an O

Page 127

78If the beginning and ending step numbers are out of range or reversed, this parametererror is generated.Unknown Parameter ErrorAutomatic parameter i

Page 128 - STATUS Word Bit Map

79Hexadecimal: 044Command Value: New DECELERATION value (units depend on Accel/DecelMode in the MODE word)This command sets the DECELERATION parameter


8• Direct connection to Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducers andproportional/servo valve• Isolated inputs and outputs• One millisecond control lo

Page 130 - Link Types and Link Values

80Hexadecimal: 047 or 067Command Value: Requested Position, in position unitsThis command requests the axis to move to the requested position specifie

Page 131 - Link Next

81Set Integral Drive to Null Drive CommandCharacter: iDecimal: 105Hexadecimal: 069Command Value: UnusedThis command sets the Integral Drive to the Nul

Page 132 - Current Axis Link Types

82Set Mode CommandCharacter: MDecimal: 77Hexadecimal: 04DCommand Value: New MODE valueThis command sets the MODE to the value in the COMMAND VALUE fie

Page 133 - Link Type and Link Value

83CAUTION: Use this command with care! Open Loop operation disables all safetyfeatures on the motion controller!NOTE: The open loop command will not a

Page 134

84Set Parameters CommandCharacter: P or pDecimal: 80 or 112Hexadecimal: 050 or 080Command Value: UnusedWhen a 'P' command is given all initi

Page 135 - Selected Axis Link Types

85Command Value: UnusedThis command restores a previously saved Integral Drive value. The Integral Drive valuethat is restored is taken from a buffer

Page 136 - Link Type - Any Axis Speed

86This command instructs the motion controller to write data to FLASH for storage in caseof power loss or reset. Is the COMMAND VALUE is 1 when this c

Page 137

87Decimal: 121Hexadecimal: 079Command Value: UnusedThis command begins a new graph immediately. A move can, but doesn’t have to, be inprogress.Program

Page 138 - MMC120 Specifications

88ThedataforthecommandOutput register represents the requested position in positionunits.ExampleSuppose you would like to move axis 1 to 5000 position

Page 139 - Glossary

890X2A 0000|XXXX|0010|1010 SET PROFILE 2 or 6 DECEL0X2B 0000|XXXX|0010|1011 SET PROFILE 2 or 6 SPEED0X2C 0000|XXXX|0010|1100 SET PROFILE 3 or 7 MODE0X

Page 140

9Principle of OperationPosition MeasurementEach Motion Control Module has interface circuitry for multiple magnetostrictivetransducers. Each axis can

Page 141

904TTTTT+3 150 (Value of profile 7 ACCEL)Third scan:4TTTTT+0 0X2Ah (Set profile 2 DECEL)4TTTTT+1 70 (Value of profile 2 DECEL)4TTTTT+2 0X2Eh (Set prof

Page 142

910X3E 0000|XXXX|0011|1110 Set FOLLOWING ERROR0X3F 0000|XXXX|0011|1111 Set AUTO STOPThedataforthecommandOutput register represents the new parameter v

Page 143

92These commands behave identical to the Open Loop ASCII command, except that thespecified stored profile information is copied into the active MODE,

Page 144

93Get Profile CommandsFormat: 0000 0000 1010 NNNNN Used for Command Index described belowThese commands allow the programmer to retrieve the motion co

Page 145

940xAC-0xAF 37The second Input register for the axis will hold the requested data on the scan followingthese commands being issued.Example:We wish to

Page 146

95At this time, the input registers would hold the following values:3TTTTT+0 XXXXh (Axis 1 STATUS)3TTTTT+1 100 (Profile 2 ACCEL)3TTTTT+2 XXXXh (Axis 2

Page 147

96These commands allow the Programmable Controller to read the current state of themotion controller initialization parameters. The requested paramete

Page 148

97commands and update the Synchronization Input register to match. At this time, theinput registers would hold the following values:3TTTTT+1 XXXX|XXXX

Page 149

98To edit the Event Step table, each of these commands must be issued once to initialize theparameters; this will take four scans. Once the beginning

Page 150

99Example:If you sent out the following data in the Output registers:CMND (HEX)4TTTTT+1 0000|0011|1111|0101 (03F5) Diagnostic command+2 0001|0010|0100

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