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DELTA - Hjortekærsvej 99 - DK -Kgs. 2800 Lyngby - Denmark - Tlf (+45) 45 88 83 33 - Fax (+45) 45 87 08 10
On site quality control of road markings & road surfaces in accordance with CEN specifications
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Summary of Contents


DELTA - Hjortekærsvej 99 - DK -Kgs. 2800 Lyngby - Denmark - Tlf (+45) 45 88 83 33 - Fax (+45) 45 87 08 10LTL2000 RETROMETERManual

Page 2

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 4Edit the value until it corresponds with the Normal value and then press <ENTER>. The Calibrationis now completed and

Page 3

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 5

Page 4

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 6CommunicationUse a simple terminal or PC with communication software to control the LTL2000. (Windows HyperTerminal will do

Page 5

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 7SECTION 2GENERAL INFORMATIONRl MeasurementLTL2000 Retrometer measures the Rl (coefficient of retro reflected luminance) par

Page 6

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 8The LTL2000 is controlled by a microprocessor. The microprocessor executes the measurementautomatically by the push of a bu

Page 7 - LTL2000 Introduction

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 9The LTL2000 Retrometer is a rugged instrument, but it is an optical instrument and must be handled assuch.The LTL2000 is fa

Page 8 - LTL2000 Retrometer features:


Page 9 - Calibration:

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 11Warning for full Test log (can be disabled)Warning for pour measurement conditionsCALIB Activates calibration measurement.

Page 10 - Test, warning and errors

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 12Result PrintoutRl PrintoutThe Rl result printout showing the measured Rl, the date and time for the measurement, the instr

Page 11 - DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 5

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 13Test PrintoutThe Test Printout showing the measured Rl, the date and time for the test, the related status code anda T# nu

Page 13 - Rl Measurement

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 14Zero PrintoutThe printout after a Zero measurement showing the measured Zero Signal in % of the nominal signal, ifthe zero

Page 14 - Optical principle

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 15Functions and Menu systemRl Calibration(Activate with the <Calib.> key)LCD Display Explanation.Rl Normal Cal.Enter T

Page 15 - DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 9

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 16Test Log(Select with the <Menu> key)LCD Display Explanation.Free T_LOG:95.6%Enter to ClearThe display shows the free

Page 16 - Keyboard functions

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 17é to Change Press é to disable <ENTER> to accept.Clear Top Log(Activate with the <é> key after a Rl measureme

Page 17 - DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 11

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 18Date and Time(Activate with the <Menu> key)LCD Display Explanation.Date and timeEnter to EditThe built-in real time

Page 18 - Result Printout

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 19Status(Select with the <Menu> key)LCD Display Explanation.Status DisplayUse éê to ViewThe results and status made wi

Page 19 - Test Printout

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 20The amount of free log entries in %.Test Log Full orFree T_Log: 87.5%A warning is given if the Rl Test Log has run fu

Page 20 - Calibration Printout

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 21LTL2000 Command setThe LTL2000 is equipped with a serial communication port primarily for log data acquisitio

Page 21 - Functions and Menu system

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 22LTL2000 command setCommand Parameter Response MeaningVBat Lamp Off: 12.21 VVBat Lamp On: 11.30 VBattery volta

Page 22 - Print Rl Log

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 23LTL2000 command setCommand Parameter Response MeaningLS none Rl DataLog: 6 data points.99.56% freeRl TestLo

Page 23 - Measurement ID

DELTA LTL2000 RetrometeriDISCLAIMERThe information contained in this document is subject to changewithout notice.DELTA LIGHT & OPTICS MAKES NO WA

Page 24 - Default setting

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 24LTL2000 command setCommand Parameter Response MeaningLT none LTL2000 Test Log Dump: 1997 Mar 27 10:01:033 ent

Page 25 - DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 19

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 25LTL2000 command setCommand Parameter Response MeaningRL none *** Rl Measurement ***1997 Mar 27 10:00:59Rl: 14

Page 26 - DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 20

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 26LTL2000 command setCommand Parameter Response MeaningWarning: Low VBat Warning for low battery voltageTI none

Page 27 - LTL2000 command set

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 27LTL2000 command setCommand Parameter Response MeaningMC Average Measuring CountOT n Auto Off TimerQuery/Set t

Page 28

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 28SECTION 4MAINTENANCEGeneral careThe Retrometer is constructed for outdoor use in ordinary go

Page 29

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 29FusesFuses, two pieces, are placed at the rear of the instrument. The charging fuse protects

Page 30

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 30Light trapZero signal is simulated by a light trap made of two glossy and black plastic shee

Page 31

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 31calculates the calibration factor. This process is fully automatic and if the calibration r

Page 32

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 32PrinterThe printer is a high speed high quality Mini Thermal Printer. It uses 57.5 mm therma

Page 33

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 33

Page 34 - Protection window

DELTA LTL2000 RetrometeriiINDEXSECTION 1...

Page 35 - Calibration unit

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 34APPENDIX ACOMMUNICATION FACILITIESRS-232C specificationThe LTL2000 is equipped with a commun

Page 36 - Calibration

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 35Connections in the 9 pin D-Sub # Function Signal Direction3 Receive

Page 37

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 36Connection example #2. PC with 9 pin D-Sub communication port.Cable connections:PC Port DTE

Page 38

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 37

Page 39

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 38Command formatAll LTL2000 commands are built using the following template.Command (one ore m

Page 40 - RS-232C specification

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 39APPENDIX BSpecial Status Printouts.The LTL2000 can print a special status at power up showin

Page 41

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 40Initial StatusAfter executing a ZERO function the status will looklike this.It shows that no

Page 42 - Data protocol

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 41Status after first ZeroAfter executing a ZERO function the status will looklike this.It show

Page 43

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 42Status after CalibrationAfter executing a Calibration function the status willlook like this

Page 44 - Command format

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 43Status after Rl measurementAfter executing a Normal Rl Measurement the statuswill look like

Page 45 - Special Status Printouts

DELTA LTL2000 RetrometeriiiSpecial Status Printouts...

Page 46 - Initial Status

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 44Status after a Test measurementAfter executing a Test Measurement the status willlook like t

Page 47 - Status after first Zero

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 45APPENDIX CSPECIFICATIONGeneral CharacteristicsIllumination angle ...

Page 48 - Status after Calibration

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 46Environmental CharacteristicsTemperature:Operating...

Page 49 - Status after Rl measurement

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 47Dimensional drawings

Page 50

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 48Instrument Layout.

Page 51 - Electrical Characteristics

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 49Calibration Unit Placement Graphics.The graphics show t

Page 53 - Dimensional drawings

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 1SECTION 1OPERATING INFORMATIONLTL2000 IntroductionThe LTL2000 Retrometer is a portable field instrument, intended for measu

Page 54 - Instrument Layout

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 2The LTL2000 is powered by a rechargeable lead acid battery, giving several hours of measurementcapacity. A mains powered ba

Page 55

DELTA LTL2000 Retrometer 3Getting started:Turn the LTL2000 on by pressing <ON>Hold <ON> pressed until LCD shows:Calibrate instrument if n

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