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DCP Cat # 01-28-11-V9
Lil’ Playstation
3-in-1 Activity Center
Required: Phillips Screwdriver
IMPORTANT: Read all instructions before assembly and use of the
walker/stationary activity center
Keep the instructions for future reference
Customer Care Tel. 1-(800)-377-3777
Styles and colors may vary
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Lil’ Playstation

www.DeltaChildrensProducts.comDCP Cat # 01-28-11-V9Lil’ Playstation3-in-1 Activity CenterRequired: Phillips ScrewdriverIMPORTANT: Read all instruction

Page 2 - Consumer Information

10To Convert Back to Rocker or Walker6•ALWAYSREMOVEBABYFROMWALKERWHENCHANGINGFUNCTIONS•Tocloserotateall4stationarylegsinwardintoafull

Page 3 - Tel. 1-(800)-377-3777

11NotesCustomer Service Tel. (800) 377-3777

Page 4

12Manufactured for and distributed by:114 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001Customer Service Tel. 1-(800)-377-3777

Page 5 - Assembling Wheels to Base

2WARNING: Read all instructions before assembly and use of the walker/stationary activity center (keep the instructions for future reference), inc

Page 6 - Battery Safety Information

3(A) Footboard x1(B) Legs x4(C) Large Nuts x4(F) Toys x5(G) Seat Ring x1(H) Seat Pad x1(I) Front swivel Casters x2(J) Rear non swivel Casters x2PartsI

Page 7

4Assembling The 3-in-1 Activity Center1•Assemblethelegstothebase:Pressthelegbuttonandinsertitintothemountingholeatthebaseasillus

Page 8

5Assembling Wheels to BaseAssembling Seat to Walker Tray3•AssemblethefrontandrearwheelsasillustratedinFIGG.•Pushdownonwheelsuntilthey

Page 9

6 AAA LRO3 + AAA LRO3 +5•AttachingtheToys–fronttoytrayrequirestwo(2)“AA”batteries(notincluded).•UsePhilipsheadscrewdrivertounfas

Page 10


Page 11 - Tel. (800) 377-3777

8Instructions For Changing Height of SeatInstructions For Music KeyboardBee ButtonOn/Off SwitchKeyboards Drum Button•MUSICFUNCTIONFRONTTOYTRAY–

Page 12

9Instructions For Rocking FeatureInstructions For Stationary Activity Feature•ALWAYSREMOVEBABYFROMWALKERWHENCHANGINGFUNCTIONS•ROCKINGFUNCTION

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