Delta Amplon RT Series 5-10kVA User Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Delta UPS - Amplon Family

www.deltapowersolutions.comDelta UPS - Amplon FamilyUser ManualThe power behind competitivenessRT Series, Single Phase5/6/10 kVA

Page 2 - NSave This Manual

6Amplon RT SeriesFront Panel(Figure 2-a) Front PanelNo. Item DescriptionOn-line LED Indicates that the UPS is in on-line mode.Battery LEDIndicates tha

Page 3 - NTable of Contents

Chapter 2 Introduction7Rear Panel(Figure 2-b) 5kVA/ 6kVA Rear Panel(Figure 2-c) 10kVA Rear PanelNo. Item DescriptionInput Breaker Protects the utili

Page 4

8Amplon RT SeriesRack MountingzUse the included bracket ears and screws to mount the UPS in a rack by following the proce-dures below. 1. Attach the

Page 5 - Usage Warnings

Chapter 3 Installation9(Figure 3-c) Assemble the Tower Stands (Figure 3-d) Rotate the UPS Control Panel

Page 6 - Standard Compliance

10Amplon RT SeriesConnectionzUPS Connection Warnings: 1. When connecting the UPS to the mains and the load, it is highly recommended that you instal

Page 7 - NChapter 2: Introduction

Chapter 3 Installation112. Cable selection:Rating Temperature 5kVA 6kVA 10kVA60°C 6mm28mm213mm2 or #6AWG (Cu)75°C 6mm28mm213mm2 or #6AWG (Cu)(In ac

Page 8 - Features

12Amplon RT SeriesUPS Start-upzUPS Start-up with AC Input:Press the ‘ON’ button for 3~5 seconds to start up the UPS. After the button is pressed for

Page 9

Chapter 4 Operation13zUPS Start-up with Battery:Press the ‘ON’ button for 3~5 seconds to start up the UPS.1. When you press the ‘ON’ button, the L

Page 10 - Front Panel

14Amplon RT SeriesUPS Turn-offIn online mode, press the ‘OFF’ button for 3 seconds to shut down the inverter (the system will beep) and the UPS will t

Page 11 - Rear Panel

Chapter 4 Operation15Firmware Version Look-upzCheck the UPS  rmware version from the LCD.V00: UPS Firmware VersionCV00: Compatible Version Code.z

Page 12 - NChapter 3: Installation

iiAmplon RT SeriesNSave This Manual This manual contains important instructions and warnings that you should follow during the installation, operation

Page 13

16Amplon RT SeriesOperation ModeszOnline Mode:During on-line mode, the on-line LED illuminates (green). The critical load is supplied by the inverte

Page 14 - Connection

Chapter 5 Communication Interface17RS232 PortRS232 port (9-pin female connector) is built into the UPS rear panel. You can use the provided RS232 ca

Page 15

18Amplon RT SeriesSNMP SlotInstall an SNMP card in this SNMP slot to remotely control and monitor the UPS status via a network. You can also insert th

Page 16 - NChapter 4: Operation

Chapter 5 Communication Interface19SMART SlotThis SMART slot is for mini-size cards. You can install the Mini SNMP, Mini Relay I/O, Mini USB, Mini M

Page 17

20Amplon RT SeriesWARNING: Ú Please refer to the table below to select the charge current for 5kVA/ 6kVA/ 10kVA UPS.Ú If you need to modify the charg

Page 18 - WARNING:

Chapter 5 Communication Interface21zBattery/ Battery Pack Connection Warnings: 1. Only use the same type of batteries from the same supplier. Neve

Page 19 - Firmware Version Look-up

22Amplon RT Series(Figure 5-f) Rack StyleExternal Battery PackBattery CableParallel CableInput Power Cord Output Power CordManual Bypass BoxUPS(Figure

Page 20 - Operation Modes

Chapter 6 Optional Accessories23NChapter 6: Optional Accessories No.Item Part No.1. Manual Bypass Box (for single UPS)3915100706-S352. Manual Bypass

Page 21 - Remote Control Port

24Amplon RT SeriesOptional Accessory InstallationThis User Manual only presents installation guidelines for the Mini SNMP/ Mini Relay I/O/ Mini USB/ M

Page 22 - SNMP Slot

Chapter 6 Optional Accessories254) Insert the Mini SNMP/ Mini Relay I/O/ Mini USB/ Mini ModBus card into the slot and tighten the screws. (Picture

Page 23 - SMART Slot

Table of ContentsiiiChapter 1: Important Safety Instructions ------------------------------------------------- 1Placement Warnings -------------------

Page 24

26Amplon RT SeriesUPSzUPS Cleaning: Regularly clean the UPS, especially the slits and openings, to ensure that the air freely flows into the UPS to a

Page 25 - Parallel Connector

Chapter 8 Troubleshooting27NChapter 8: TroubleshootingWhen you see the following problems appear on the LCD, please follow the solutions shown below

Page 26 - (Figure 5-g) Tower Style

28Amplon RT SeriesNChapter 9: Specifications *1: The power factor can be modi ed into 0.8 to let the UPS rating change from 5kVA/ 4.5kW, 6kVA/

Page 27 - Optional Accessory List

Chapter 10 Warranty29NChapter 10: WarrantySeller warrants this product, if used in accordance with all applicable instructions, to be free from orig

Page 31 - NChapter 8: Troubleshooting

ivAmplon RT SeriesChapter 6: Optional Accessories ----------------------------------------------------------23Optional Accessory List ---------------

Page 32 - NChapter 9: Specifications

Chapter 1 Important Safety Instructions1Placement WarningszInstall the UPS in a well ventilated area, away from excess moisture, heat, dust, flamm

Page 33 - NChapter 10: Warranty

2Amplon RT SerieszDo not dispose of the battery or batteries in a  re. The batteries may explode.zAll maintenance services must be performed by qua

Page 34

Chapter 2 Introduction3General OverviewThis RT series UPS, available in 5kVA, 6kVA, and 10kVA, is a true on-line double-conversion UPS pro-viding re

Page 35

4Amplon RT SeriesFeatureszTrue on-line design UPS protects your sensitive electronic equipment from power interruption.zWide AC input voltage range

Page 36

Chapter 2 Introduction5zNormal start-up function even when the UPS is not connected to the batteries. WARNING: Please note that when the UPS is not

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