Delta PG-40 Specifications

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DELTA · Venlighedsvej 4 · 2970 Hørsholm · Denmark · Tel. (+45) 72 19 40 00 · Fax (+45) 72 19 40 01
On site quality control of road markings & road surfaces in accordance with CEN / ASTM
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Summary of Contents


DELTA · Venlighedsvej 4 · 2970 Hørsholm · Denmark · Tel. (+45) 72 19 40 00 · Fax (+45) 72 19 40 01 LTL-X RETR

Page 2

10 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA User select (user initials) If a user icon is displayed in the upper icon row on the measuring display, press the UP

Page 3

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 11 Mount the reference calibration unit and perform a complete traceable calibration. Replace the reference calibration un

Page 4

12 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Important guide lines for the correct use of the LTL-X Positioning of the instrument on the road marking Select an are


DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 13 Protection of the display/display shield. For the protection of the display and longevity of the instrument

Page 6

14 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA SECTION 2 GENERAL INFORMATION The measurement The LTL-X retroreflectometer measures the RL (coefficient of retrorefl

Page 7 - LTL-X introduction

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 15 Figure: 3. Measurement field with wet night accessories mounted. The tower of the LTL-X contains the illuminatin

Page 8 - Options

16 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Notes on error sources Stray light can occasionally enter the instrument but will be insignificant under normal meas-ur

Page 9 - Getting started

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 17 SECTION 3 THE USER INTERFACE Figure: 4 – Display Display and keyboa

Page 10 - pg. 45

18 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Lower icon row  From the lower icon row you can select a road marking icon that will be saved together with the meas

Page 11 - RSC-program, pg. 40

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 19 HELP Present a context sensitive help text. Another press on the button will open up a general help menu.

Page 12

ii LTL-X Retrometer DELTA DISCLAIMER The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. DELTA LIGHT & OP

Page 13 - DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 13

20 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA The menu tree Figure: 5 – Menu tree MAIN MENU: SETTINGS SERIES-ID LOG AVERAGE DIAGNOSIS PR

Page 14 - The measurement

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 21 SETTING UP FOR MEASUREMENTS Selecting a user ID The user ID (user profile) is used to identify the operator and is sav

Page 15 - Optical principle

22 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Selecting OFF will deactivate the user function and set all individual instrument settings to default. Clear user USE

Page 16 - Notes on error sources

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 23 The procedure. From the HOME screen press the DOWN button. Then use the LEFT or RIGHT button to highlight the wanted i

Page 17 - Upper icon row

24 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Use UP or DOWN until DATE FORM is highlighted. Press OK and the date format menu is shown. DATE FORMAT: O

Page 18 - Pushbuttons

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 25 Setting the display, contrast and back light The backlight time display shows how long the display backlight will be tu

Page 19 - pg. 39


Page 20

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 27 The GPS data can be viewed from the HOME screen by pressing the UP button and then high-lighting the GPS icon by using

Page 21 - Selecting a user ID

28 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA It is not possible to see which correction system was used. For further information about the GPS system and WAAS / EG

Page 22

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 29 To change the setup, press MENU and select SETTINGS / SETUP. Pressing OK will toggle be-tween ADVANCED and BASIC. To r

Page 23 - Setting the date and time

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer iii

Page 24

30 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA SERIES ID Working with series ID (name) The purpose of a series ID. The series ID is a label. For example, it could b

Page 25 - DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 25

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 31 ENTER ID). Proceed by spelling the series name (see Editing pg. 38). Removing a series ID This will remove the serie

Page 26 - Setting the aux functions

32 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA SELECT PRESETS: ◄► OK The bottom line shows the present six preset icons. Use the LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN buttons

Page 27 - D"

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 33 THE LOG Each time a measurement is taken data is stored to the log. The following data are saved, if enabled:  Measu

Page 28

34 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Viewing the log Press the MENU button and select LOG / VIEW LOG: VIEW LOG: OK LAST DATA ALL SER

Page 29 - Auto off

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 35 ing the LEFT button or rolling the bar out of the top by pressing the UP button. To return to the log menu, press OK o

Page 30 - Enter a new series ID

36 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA In the case shown above, there are 104 measurements in the log, leaving room for 1396 more. There are 15 measuring ser

Page 31 - Removing a series ID

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 37 OTHER SETTINGS Average function An average function can be activated showing the average of the measured Rl value calc

Page 32

38 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Editing names From certain points you arrive to the EDIT menu e.g. by choosing NEW from the series list. A B

Page 33 - Amending clear data

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 39 Diagnosis Press the MENU button. Highlight the line DIAGNOSIS. Press the OK button, and the

Page 34 - Viewing the log

iv LTL-X Retrometer DELTA

Page 35 - Log status

40 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Default settings / user reset At power up a combination of buttons can be pressed to reset the active instrument settin

Page 36 - Setting the log type

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 41 SECTION 4 MAINTENANCE General care The retrometer is constructed for outdoor use i

Page 37 - Average function

42 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Replacing the battery A worn out battery will not hold a charge very long. When the battery is worn out it must be rep

Page 38 - Editing names

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 43 Battery status The capacity of the battery can be seen from the icon in the upper icon row.

Page 39 - Errors and warnings

44 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA The reference Zero Signal Calibration unit Ref

Page 40 - RSC program

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 45 Light trap The zero signal is simulated by a light trap mounted in the calibration unit in

Page 41 - Battery

46 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA  Reference calibration Now the instrument is ready for the next step and the display will tell you t

Page 42

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 47 Printer The printer is a high-speed high quality mini thermal printer. It has only a few mo

Page 43

48 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Mounting the wet night rails for rain measurements In order to move the measurement field outside the horizontal base c

Page 44 - Calibration unit

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 49 Fasten the wet night rails in the lid with the screws delivered with the rai

Page 45 - Calibration


Page 46

50 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Mounting the wheel unit (option) A wheel unit can be mounted in the rear of the instrument for easy trans

Page 47 -

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 51 APPENDIX A COMMUNICATION FACILITIES Communication specification LTL-X is equipped with

Page 48

52 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA APPENDIX B SPECIFICATION General characteristics Illumination angle ...

Page 49

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 53 Environmental characteristics Temperature: Operating ...

Page 50 - Nuts for fasten the wheels


Page 51 - Communication specification

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 55 INDEX 3 30 meters · 5 A Advanced · 26 Amending clear data · 31 Auto off · 27 Aux functions · 24 Average function ·

Page 52 - General characteristics

56 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA M Maintenance · 39 Map datum · 26 Measure display · 15 Measurement · 12 Measurement field · 12 measurement, number · 10

Page 53 - Mechanical characteristics

vi LTL-X Retrometer DELTA Default settings / user reset ...

Page 54 - DELIVERY

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 7 SECTION 1 OPERATING INFORMATION LTL-X introduction The LTL-X retroreflectometer is a portable field instrumen

Page 55 - INDEX

8 LTL-X Retrometer DELTA  Name of measuring series (road name).  Profile (icon) for road marking.  User initials.  GPS data (if installed).

Page 56

DELTA LTL-X Retrometer 9 Getting started Buttons: HELP ON/OFF MENU SMART

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