Delta PG PLUS-25 Operations Instructions

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Warranty Registration Card must be filled out by the customer and mailed within thirty (30) days of installa-
tion in order to gain warranty coverage.
When receiving the Delta Performance unit, any claims for damage or shortage in shipment must be filed
immediately against the transportation company by the consignee.
Leave all documentation received with appliance with owner for future reference.
- Input from 100,000 to 199,000 Btu/hr -
2005-7 PG PLUS Manual 1/2005
If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may
result causing pro p e r ty damage, personal injury or d e a t h .
Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of
this or any other appliance.
- Do not try to light any appliance
- Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building.
- Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor’s phone. Follow the gas
s u p p l i e r s instructions.
- If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.
Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency or the
gas supplier.
PG PLUS-25/30/35/40 & 45
Gas Fired
Combination Heaters
Category IV Vented Appliance
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Combination Heaters

Warranty Registration Card must be filled out by the customer and mailed within thirty (30) days of installa-tion in order to gain warranty coverage.W

Page 2 - Table of Contents

4Product & Safety InformationOPERATING RESTRICTIONS• Maximum working pressure for inner(domestic water) tank is 150 psig.• Maximum working pressur

Page 3

Pre-Installation Items5SECTION I - Pre-Installation ItemsCode ComplianceThis product must be installed in accor-dance to the following:• All app

Page 4

Pre-Installation ItemsTo provide serviceability to the unit it isrecommended that the following clear-ances be maintained:Top and vent hood area -

Page 5

Combustion Air and Venting7SECTION II - Combustion Air andVentingCombustion Air ContaminationIf the PERFORMANCE PLUS combus-tion air inlet is located

Page 6

8Combustion Air and VentingCombustion Air RequirementsThe PERFORMANCE PLUS can use insideair if no contaminants are present in the area ofinstall

Page 7

9Combustion Air and Venting- Combining spaces on the same story.Each opening shall have a minimumfree area of 1 sq. in./1000 Btu/hr of theto

Page 8

10Combustion Air and VentingCombination of Indoor and OutdoorCombustion AirIndoor Openings: Where used, openings con-necting the interior spaces s

Page 9

11Combustion Air and VentingRemoval of an Existing Boiler f rom aCommon Vent SystemF o r installations in which the PERFOR-MANCE PLUS is repla


12Unit PreparationSECTION III - Unit PreparationHandling InstructionsThe PERFORMANCE PLUS is generally eas-ier to handle and maneuver once removed fro

Page 11 - Pre-Installation Items

Unit Preparation13Do not leave the unit unattended whilep ressurized. A cold water fill couldexpand and cause excessive pre s s u re ,resulti

Page 12

Table of ContentsiPRODUCT AND SAFETY INFORMATIONDefinitions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 13 - Combustion Air and Venting

Domestic PipingSECTION IV - Domestic PipingGeneral Piping Requirements• All plumbing must meet or exceed alllocal, state and national plumbing c

Page 14

Domestic PipingThe installer must install discharge pipingonto the T&P relief valve. The dischargepiping must be:• Made of material serviceable

Page 15

Domestic Piping3. Solder the U-Tube Assembly onto theadapter. (See Fig. 5)4. Once the adapter has suff i c i e n t l ycooled, re-insert the chec

Page 16

17Domestic PipingTR/SMART Series ApplicationFor applications requiring large volumes ofdomestic hot water over an extended period,the installer

Page 17

18Domestic PipingFig. 7: PERFORMANCE PLUSWith Recirculation1. Mixing valve with check valve2. Flow check valve3. Shut off valve4. Backflow preventer

Page 18 - Unit Preparation

19Fig. 10: PERFORMANCE PLUS with TR/SMART Indirect Water HeaterFig. 9 : PERFORMANCE PLUS with Storage Tank1. Mixing valve with check valve2. Flow

Page 19

20Primary PipingSECTION V - Primary PipingGeneral Piping RequirementsLow Water Cutoff Device- The PERFORMANCE PLUS is equippedwith a factory instal

Page 20 - SECTION IV - Domestic Piping

21Primary PipingFor proper operation of the expansion tankand system, remove the factory installedautomatic air vent from the PERFOR-MANCE P

Page 21

22Primary PipingSystem Piping - Radiant Heating with MixingVa l v eConnect the PERFORMANCE PLUS to thesystem piping as shown with a radiant sys-tem

Page 22

23Primary PipingNear Appliance Piping1. Appliance Circulator2. Shut Off valve3. Expansion tank4. Auto fill valve5. Tank fitting6. Automatic air vent7.

Page 23 - Domestic Piping Diagrams

Table of ContentsiiU-Tube Assembly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-16Domestic Drain Valve

Page 24

24Primary PipingFig. 12: Primary piping - Zoning with Circulators Fig. 13: Primary Piping - Zoning with Zone Valves1. Appliance circulator2. Shut-off

Page 25

25Primary PipingFig. 14: Primary Piping - Low Temperature Radiant SystemNote: Adjust system temperaturevalve to establish maximum sup-ply/return temp

Page 27

27Venting and Combustion Air InstallationSECTION VI - Venting andCombustion Air InstallationGeneral Requirements- Installation must comply with lo

Page 28

28Venting and Combustion Air InstallationCategory IV Vent Termination ClearancesMaintain the following clearances to the venttermination:- At least 6

Page 29 - Near Appliance Piping

29Venting and Combustion Air Installation- Must maintain 4 feet of clearancebelow and horizontally from doors andwindows. See dimension A Fig. 17

Page 30

30Venting and Combustion Air InstallationVenting Option - Direct Vent / VerticalIn this vent application the PERFORMANCEPLUS is vented vertically thro

Page 31

31Venting and Combustion Air InstallationVenting Option - Direct Vent / HorizontalIn this vent application the PERFORMANCEPLUS is vented horizonta

Page 32

32Venting and Combustion Air InstallationExcessive Horizontal Vent RunsIf maintaining the 1/4 inch per foot pitchrequirement creates clearance

Page 33 - Combustion Air Installation

33Venting and Combustion Air InstallationThe maximum equivalent length is thetotal length of the venting and the com-bustion air inlet combined. T

Page 34 - Non-Direct Vent - 4 feet

iiiTable of ContentsSECTION VII - GAS PIPINGGas Supply Piping Connection. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37Natura

Page 35

34Venting and Combustion Air InstallationFig. 21: Standard Horizontal Venting InstallationFig. 22: Horizontal - Direct Vent CombinationFig. 22A: Conce

Page 36

35Venting and Combustion Air InstallationFig. 24B: Vent Termination - Non-Combustible WallFig. 24A: Vent Termination CombustibleWallFig. 23: Locati

Page 37

36Venting and Combustion Air Installation

Page 38

37Gas PipingSECTION VII - Gas PipingGas Supply Piping ConnectionThe gas supply piping must be installedin accordance to all applicable local,stat

Page 39 - Allowable for

38Gas PipingNATURAL GASPipe Sizing - Natural Gas1. Refer to Table 3 for pipe length and diame-ter requirements. Based on rated PER-FORMANCE PLU

Page 40

39Gas PipingPROPANE GASPipe Sizing - Propane Gas1. Contact the local propane gas supplier forrecommended sizing of piping, tanks and100% lockup gas

Page 41 - Combustible Wall

Internal Wiring40SECTION VIII - Internal WiringELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD. Foryour safety, disconnect electrical powersupply to the unit before ser

Page 42

41Internal WiringFig. 30: Factory Wiring Schematic

Page 43 - SECTION VII - Gas Piping

42Internal WiringFig. 31: Factory Internal Wiring

Page 44 - Gas Piping

43External WiringSECTION IX - External WiringInstallation ComplianceAll field wiring made during installation mustcomply with:- National Electrical Co

Page 45

ivTable of ContentsSECTION XI - START-UP PROCEDURESFinal Checks Before Start-up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 46 - Internal Wiring

External Wiring444 Wire Zone ValveFig. 33: Multiple Zone Field Wiring Using Zone Valves3 Wire Zone Valve*Use isolation relay on 3-wirezone valve wit

Page 47

45External WiringFig. 34: Field wiring with zone circulators.

Page 48

46External WiringFig. 35: Typical Zone Relay Panel WiringFig. 36: Storage Tank Recirculation Wiring

Page 49 - SECTION IX - External Wiring

47Start-Up PreparationsSECTION X - Start Up PreparationCheck System and Domestic Wa t e rChemistryDo not use petroleum-base cleaning orsealing

Page 50

48Start-Up PreparationsSystem water including additives must bepractically non-toxic, having a toxicityrating or Class of 1, as listed in Clin

Page 51

49Start-Up Preparations3. Fill the outer tank to correct systempressure. Correct pressure will varywith each application.Typical residenti

Page 52

50Start-Up PreparationsVerify Correct Pressure Switch1. Remove the burner hood and verify theburner pressure switch setting.2. Check and comp

Page 53 - Start-Up Preparations

51Start-Up ProceduresSECTION XI - Start-Up ProceduresFinal Checks Before Start-upVerify the PERFORMANCE PLUSand the primary and domestic systemsar

Page 54


Page 55

53Start-Up ProceduresVenting system must be sealed gas-tightto prevent flue gas spillage and potentialcarbon monoxide emissions, which willresult in s

Page 56

vTable of ContentsInspection of Ignition Electrode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61Check Ignition Wiring and Ground Wiring .

Page 57 - Start-Up Procedures

54Temperature LimitsSECTION XII - Temperature LimitsStudies have indicated that dangerousbacteria can form in the potable waterdistribution syste

Page 58

55Temperature Limits Setting the Thermostatic Mixing ValveThe thermostatic mixing valve controlsthe outlet hot water temperature deliv-ered to the fa

Page 59

56Check-Out ProceduresSECTION XIII- Check-Out Pro c e d u r e sPerform the following check-out proce-dures as outlined and check off items ascompleted

Page 60 - Temperature Limits

57Installation RecordSECTION XIV - Installation Record

Page 61

58Maintenance ScheduleSECTION XV - Maintenance ScheduleService TechnicianAt least on an annual basis the following main-tenance should be performed by

Page 62 - Check-Out Procedures

59Maintenance ProceduresSECTION XVI - MaintenanceProceduresMAINTENANCE PROCEDURESThe PERFORMANCE PLUS should beinspected and serviced annually, prefer

Page 63 - Installation Record

60Maintenance ProceduresCheck Combustion/ Ventilation A i r O p e n i n g sVerify that all combustion air and ventila-tion openings to the mechani

Page 64 - Maintenance Schedule

61Maintenance ProceduresCheck Boiler Relief ValveInspect the relief valve and lift the lever toverify flow at least annually or as recom-mended on the

Page 65 - Procedures

62Maintenance ProceduresCheck Burner FlameInspect the burner flame through the obser-vation port on the burner mounting plate.If flame pattern is not

Page 66 - Maintenance Procedures

63Replacement PartsSECTION XVII - Replacement PartsReplacement PartsReplacement parts can be ordered andpurchased through a local Triangle Tubedistrib

Page 67

Product & Safety Information1Indicates the presence of a hazardoussituation which, if ignored, will resultin death, serious injury or substantialp

Page 68

Replacement Parts64Fig. 40: Jacket ComponentsItem Part No. Description Quantity required by ModelPG PLUS-25/ 30/35 PG PLUS-40/45HMJKTF25 Complete Jack

Page 69 - Replacement Parts

65Replacement PartsItem Part No. DescriptionOperating ThermostatPrimary or SecondaryManual Reset Hight LimitPre-set at 205ºFAuto Reset High LimitPre-

Page 70

66Replacement PartsItem Part No. DescriptionR1 Relay - ControlsBurner FunctionR2 Relay - ControlsDomestic Priority & Circulator120 V-24 V 40VATra

Page 71

67Replacement PartsFig. 43: Burner ComponentsItem Part Number Description Where Used14 PGRKIT01 Gas valve replacement kit ALLPGRKIT02 PG PLUS-25 Blowe

Page 72

Specifications68Fig. 45: Rear ViewFig. 44: Side View1. Primary circuit, ø 1” NPT2. Primary circuit drain valve connection, ø 1/2” NPT3. Domestic tem

Page 73

Specifications69Table 7: PERFORMANCE PLUS DataTable 6: Dimensional DataType PG PLUS-25 PG PLUS-30 PG PLUS-35 PG PLUS-40 PG PLUS-45Input Nat. Gas

Page 74 - Specifications

Additional quality water heating equipment availablefromTriangle Tube/Phase III- Exclusive “Tank-in-Tank” design- Stainless steel construction- Availa

Page 75

Product & Safety Information2Bacteria can develop in the domesticw a t e r system if certain minimum watert e m p e r a t u res are not maint

Page 76 - Member of

3Product & Safety InformationDo not use this appliance if any parthas been under water. Immediately calla qualified service technician to i

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