Delta MS 300M - Display Solar Power Calculator Specifications

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Precision Power Analyzer
High-end Power Meter with top precision*
Basic Power Accuracy: 0.02% of reading
Precision Power Analyzer WT3000
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Bulletin 7603-00E
* As of February 2007, for power meter accuracy in three-phase power meter (as investigated by Yokogawa).
Basic Accuracy
0.01% of reading
Basic Power Accuracy
0.02% of reading
Good Readability
The Large, 8.4-inch LCD and the Range Indicator LEDs
Simultaneous Measurement with 2 Units (8 Power Input Elements)
Store Function
50 ms Data Storing Interval
GP-IB, Ethernet, RS-232 and USB
Advanced Computation Function
Waveform Computation, FFT Analysis, Waveform sampling Data Saving
Harmonic Measurement
Voltage Fluctuation/ Flicker Measurement
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Precision Power Analyzer

Precision Power AnalyzerWT3000High-end Power Meter with top precision*Basic Power Accuracy: 0.02% of readingPrecision Power Analyzer WT3000www.yokogaw

Page 2 - Accuracy:

11waveform peakRMS valueCrest factor =waveform peak (CF, peak factor)RMS valueCrest factor (CF) ={measuring rangeCF setting (3 or 6)} measured va


12Precision Power Analyzer WT3000(U1+U2)/2(I1+I2)/2P1+P2S1+S2UΣ [V]IΣ [A]PΣ [W]SΣ [VA]QΣ [var]PcΣ [W]WPΣ [Wh]WP+Σ [Wh]WP–Σ [Wh]qΣ [Ah]q+Σ [Ah]q–Σ [Ah]

Page 4 - Measurement data display

13DC0.1Hzf30Hz30Hzf45Hz45Hzf66Hz66Hzf1kHz1kHzf10kHz10kHzf50kHz50kHzf100kHz100kHzf500kHz500kHzf1MHzCurrent0.05% of reading+0.05% of r


14Precision Power Analyzer WT3000Number of measurement channelsStorage Interval50 ms1 sec50 ms1 secApprox. 10 hr 20 mApprox. 86 hrApprox. 2 hr 30 mApp

Page 6 - Flourescent

15Voltage(V)Current (A)Itemdifference3P3W→3V3ADELTA→STARSTAR→DELTAdifference3P3W→3V3ADELTA→STARSTAR→DELTASpecificationsU1: Differential voltage dete


16Precision Power Analyzer WT3000Frequency0.1 Hz  f  10 Hz10 Hz  f  30 Hz30 Hz  f  440 Hz440 Hz  f  1 kHz1 kHz  f  5 kHz5 kHz  f  10 kHzVo


17Fundamental the PLL Source(Hz)10 to 2020 to 4040 to 5555 to 7575 to 150150 to 440440 to 11001100 to 2600Sample Rate(S/s)f × 3000f × 1500f × 900f × 7

Page 9 - Connecting Diagram

18Precision Power Analyzer WT3000Voltage Fluctuation/Flicker Measurement (/FL optional)• Normal Flicker Measurement ModeItem SpecificationsMeasurement

Page 10 - SUPPORTS Crest Factor 6

19DESCRIPTIONAC signals have waveforms that fluctuate repeatedly when viewed instantaneously. Therefore, measuring the power values of AC signals requ

Page 11 - WT3000 SPEC

쮿Precision Power Analyzer WT3000쮿Standard accessoriesPower cord, Spare power fuse, Rubber feet, current input protective cover, User’s manual, expande

Page 12 - Accuracy

2 3Precision Power Analyzer WT3000Yo kogawa’s highest-precision power meter *2The WT3000 has the highest precision of the Yokogawa power meters in the

Page 13

4Precision Power Analyzer WT30004FUNCTIONS䉴 WT3000 Controls:Simple to Use, Easy to ViewThe WT3000 was designed with user-friendly functions and contro

Page 14

55OPTIONSThe advanced calculation function (/G6 option) meets these measuring needs with advanced, powerful features for making power analysis measure

Page 15 - • IEC Harmonic Measurement

6Precision Power Analyzer WT30006Variety of Communication Functions (GP-IB Comes Standard)USB Port (PC) Option (/C12) * Select USBport (PC) or RS-232T

Page 16 - • FFT Function Specifications

77• Simultaneous Measurement of Voltage, Current, and THD (Total Harmonic distortion)Testing of lighting devices often involves measurement of voltage

Page 17

8Precision Power Analyzer WT3000* LabVIEW is a registered trademark of National Instruments Corporation.Can be downloaded free from our Web site: http

Page 18 - Instrument Carts

9 Voltage input terminals Current external sensor input terminals Current direct input terminals GP-IB port BNC connector for two-syste

Page 19 - Model and Suffix Codes

10Precision Power Analyzer WT3000Due to the nature of this product, it is possible to touch its metal parts. Therefore, there is a risk of electric sh

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