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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - SOLIVIA Monitoring

SOLIVIA MonitoringUser manual

Page 2

Page 10Set up a PV system | Determine geo-coordinates with Google MapsIf you do not know the geo-coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the PV syste

Page 3

Page 11Set up a PV system | Gateways | OverviewList of all installed gatewaysName of the PV system to which the gateway is assigned.Create new gatewa

Page 4

Page 12Set up a PV system | Gateways | Create a new gatewayClick on the Enter gateway button.Before you can create a new gateway, at least one PV sys

Page 5

Page 13Set up a PV system | Power inverter | OverviewExpand detail view of the power inverter.Type of power inverter.Create new power inverter.Curren

Page 6

Page 14As soon as the gateway has been identied via the MAC address, the SOLIVIA Monitoring Portal automatically calls the connected power inverter.

Page 7 - Set up a PV system

αNSOW150°90°180°270°0°10 cm> 10 cm< 10 cmPage 15Set up a PV system | Power inverter | Create power inverterAzimuthInclinationNumber of PV modul

Page 8

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 16Homepage | OverviewAn overview of the most important technical data for the PV system.The current weather report for the loc

Page 9

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 17Homepage | "Yield" section The "Yield" section displays the current and daily values for generated AC po

Page 10 - Page 10

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 18Homepage | "Status" and "Weather" sectionsClick on a line to display the error messages in detail.The gr

Page 11 - Page 11

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 19Homepage | "Overview" section Click on this link to display the full list of power invertors.To upload an image of

Page 12 - Page 12

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 2Table of ContentsRegister and login . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 13 - Page 13

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 20Statistics | AC power | OverviewThe power inverter is selected and displayed in the diagram.List of power inverters connecte

Page 14

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 21Statistics | AC power | DiagramsThe displayed power is the average for the con-gured calculation period.The calculation per

Page 15 - < 10 cm

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 22Statistics | Yield | Complete overviewExport as a CSV le.Print statistics.The color with which the power inverter is dis-pl

Page 16

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 23Statistics | Yield | Display periodsThe statistics for the AC energy can be displayed for different periods: ● Day ● Week ●

Page 17

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 24Statistics | Yield | Display periodsIf several power inverters are selected in the list, the type of diagram display changes

Page 18

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 25Statistics | Yield | Display revenueYou can switch the display for yield between kWh and revenue (e.g. in euros).Switching o

Page 19

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 26Statistics | AC voltage/current | OverviewThe power inverter is selected and displayed in the diagram.List of power inverter

Page 20

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 27Statistics | AC voltage/current | DiagramsAC voltage and AC current are displayed for each phase.This means that for 3-phase

Page 21

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 28Statistics | DC voltage/current | OverviewThe power inverter is selected and displayed in the diagram.The color with which t

Page 22

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 29Statistics | DC voltage/current | DiagramsFor every MPP tracker, DC voltage and DC current are displayed.There are power inv

Page 23

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 3Register and login | Login windowIf you do not have a user account with Delta, you must register here.To use the SOLIVIA Moni

Page 24

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 30Messages | OverviewThe current status of the error.To improve password security, you should use a mixture of upper and lower

Page 25

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 31Manage my account | Personal detailsThis is the e-mail address that you entered during registration. You cannot change the e

Page 26

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 32Manage my account | Change passwordEnter the old password here.To improve password security, you should use a mixture of upp

Page 27

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 33Manage customers | OverviewClick on this icon to send an invitation to your customer. The customer then receives an e-mail.

Page 28

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 34Manage customers | Create new customer 1(2)Click on the Create new customer button.The system opens the form for new custome

Page 29

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 35Manage customers | Create new customer 2(2)Click on this icon to send an invitation to your customer. The customer then rece

Page 30

SUPPORT - EUROPEAustriaservice.oesterreich@solar-inverter.com0800 291 512 (Free Call)Belgiumsupport.belgium@solar-inverter.com0800 711 35 (Free Call)B

Page 31

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 4Register and log in | Register with SOLIVIA MonitoringClick on the Register button and ll out the form.Enter a valid e-mail

Page 32

SOLIVIA MonitoringPage 5Register and log in | Complete registration and log inAfter sending the registration form, you will receive an e-mail much li

Page 33

Page 6Set up a PV system | General informationIn the PV Systems section, which you can access via the menu on the left of the SOLIVIA Monitoring Port

Page 34

Page 7Set up a PV system | OverviewList of customers. This list is only displayed if you are registered as an installer.Expand the detail view for th

Page 35

Page 8Set up a PV system | Create a new PV systemFill out at least all the elds indicated with an asterisk (*).Click on the Create new PV system but


Page 9Set up a PV system | Create a new PV systemClick here to upload pictures of the PV sys-tem. The pictures are then displayed as a small slidesho

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