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Summary of Contents


SYSTEM DELTA 30DELTAGUARD | USER MANUAL02 001 01.14 E | pA-Nr: 496438

Page 3 - User Manual DELTAGuard

02Installation Instructionsn Installation, wiring, connection jobs and commissioning may only be carried out by specialized staff from the man

Page 5 - General Safety

03Description of the Key Components3.1 Overview of the Components 143.2 Standard Width 153.3 Height of the Fume Cupboards 153.4 Operating Area 163.5 F

Page 6

14User Manual | DELTAGuard | Description of the Key Components 01 Transparent front top panel with fixed glass panel or 2 cross slides (optiona

Page 7

15User Manual | DELTAGuard | Description of the Key Components3.2 Standard WidthThe fume cupboards are available in the following standard widths:DIN

Page 8

16User Manual | DELTAGuard | Description of the Key ComponentsDIN 25466 (radio-isotope fume cupboards)Types of fume cupboards 2.405 mm 2.730 mmBench m

Page 9

17User Manual | DELTAGuard | Description of the Key Components 0102030408050910Extract air function display01Green LED illuminates when the extra

Page 11 - Installation Instructions

04General Instructions4.1 General 204.2 Sash 204.3 Extract Air Function Display 204.4 Fume Cupboard Sash Control (AFS) 21

Page 13 - 3.4 Operating Area 16

20User Manual | DELTAGuard | General Instructions4.1 GeneralPlease pay attention to the safety instructions according to chapter 1.8 Especially pay at

Page 14

21User Manual | DELTAGuard | General InstructionsFailureExtract air function display Operating state MeasuresDisplay (LED)redExtract air volume too lo

Page 15 - 3.2 Standard Width

22User Manual | DELTAGuard | General Instructions0102 03Extract air function display Passive infrared detector (PIR)02Sender of the light barrierRecei

Page 16

23User Manual | DELTAGuard | General InstructionsOperationIrrespective to an automatic sash control, the fume cupboard may be operated manually at any

Page 18

05Maintenance Guidelines5.1 Expert Knowledge 265.2 Maintenance Contract 265.3 Cleaning Plan 265.4 Cleaning Tasks 275.5 Test Plan 285.6 Execution of W

Page 19 - General Instructions

26User Manual | DELTAGuard | Maintenance Guidelines5.1 Expert KnowledgeIn order to ensure the protective character of a fume cupboard, the respective

Page 20

27User Manual | DELTAGuard | Maintenance Guidelines5.4 Cleaning tasksGeneral cleaning tasks: Sash and panel shall be cleaned whenever required and dep

Page 21

28User Manual | DELTAGuard | Maintenance GuidelinesPanes/handle shells for damagesSash ropes for damages/tightnessGuide pulleys for wear and tearRope

Page 22

29User Manual | DELTAGuard | Maintenance GuidelinesDrawer guide mechanism for damages Shelves for deformation/ruptureLocking systems for functionSuppl

Page 23

ContentUser Manual DELTAGuard01General Safety 1-902Installation Instructions 10-1103Description of the Key Components 12-1704General Instructions 18-2

Page 25 - Maintenance Guidelines

0506Trouble-Shooting6.1 Error Diagnostics Fume Cupboard 346.2 Error Diagnostics Fume Cupboard 35

Page 26 - Cleaning tasks Interval

32User Manual | DELTAGuard | Trouble-Shooting6.1 Error diagnostics fume cupboard function displayThe following chapters contain notes for error diagno

Page 27

33User Manual | DELTAGuard | Trouble-ShootingError diagnostics fume cupboard sash control (ATTENTION! SHALL ONLY BE CONDUCTED BY SERVICE STAFF) Error

Page 29

0507Technical Data7.1 Extract Air Function Display 387.2 Fume Cupboard Sash Control (AFS) 39

Page 30

36User Manual | DELTAGuard | Technical Data7.1 Extract air function displayTechnical dataComponents DataPower supply 230 V AC/1-phase/50HzFuse protect

Page 31 - Trouble-Shooting

37User Manual | DELTAGuard | Technical Data7.2 Fume cupboard sash control (AFS)Technical DataComponents DatenPower supply 230 V AC/1-phase/50HzFuse pr

Page 33

0508Spare Parts Listn The spare parts list is developed up to customers´ specifications and can be requested if necessary.

Page 36

0509Prototype Test Reportn The prototype test report can be requested or be found in the inspection documents if necessary.

Page 37

www.wesemann.comWesemann GmbH Max-Planck-Straße 15–2528857 SykeGermany Telephone: +49 (0) 42 42 594-0Telefax: +49 (0) 42 42 594-333E-Mail: info@wese

Page 38

01General Safety1.1 This User Manual 61.2 Safety Symbols 61.3 Conventional Use 61.4 Obligations of the Operator 71.5 Obligations of the Staff 71.6 Lia

Page 39 - Spare Parts List

6User Manual | DELTAGuard | General Safety1.1 This User Manualn shall be carefully read prior to operating the fume cupboards and their components.n

Page 40

7User Manual | DELTAGuard | General Safety1.4 Obligations of the Operator The operator is obliged to allow only people to work with the fume cupboard

Page 41 - Prototype Test Report

8User Manual | DELTAGuard | General Safety1.7 Accident prevention regulations The following rules and regulations shall be kept for installation jobs,

Page 42

9User Manual | DELTAGuard | General Safetyn Only move or stop automatic fume cupboard sash through the handle. n Prior to opening the housing of the

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